Surplus monthly budget rollover into 'saving pot'

I’ve trawled through the forum to try and find a similar suggestion/idea but couldn’t find anything specific enough…

Similar to the ‘Round up transaction’ function, I think it would be good to have any surplus from monthly budgets automatically entered into a savings pot, rather than just rolled over into the ‘Balance’.


Thds would be a good feature. A bit like the sweep function that First Direct have but cleverer as it would know out payday instead of it being based on a date.

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This has been raised a few times now but can’t for the life of me find the existing thread to merge it :see_no_evil: really would love to see the ability to do this soon

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This would be a cool feature. Unfortunately for this month finding -£75 might be an issue!

It’s a good point Andy, I suppose that it would be reasonable to expect an ‘IF’ function to be included so that it only applies to surplus amounts.

Definitely wouldn’t want money coming out of the specified savings pot!

Yeah I’ve seen the idea a few times now too. Quite a few people have tried to accomplish this with IFTTT but there isn’t an easy way of achieving it this way either.

Yeah, without Monzo making your account balance visible to IFTTT, I can’t see how it can be done.

Massive overkill but if you track all your expenditures in a spreadsheet you can work it out from that :exploding_head:

That’s certainly the only way to IFTTT it that I can see. I’ve never had much time for this idea but for the last two months I’ve found myself doing it manually for just that little extra bit of saving I wouldn’t otherwise manage. If Monzo managed it automatically then I’d use it.

Could you not do an export from Monzo to CSV then use that in the IFTTT? But automate the export as well?

I do this manually

Same here, morning I get paid I just transfer what’s left over to a savings pot and then I usually divide that pot where savings through the month go in to over to my other pots as needed

Same. On payday I tend to move anything over £2000 in my account into pots.

Though I’m thinking I might change this by moving £2000 immediately into a savings pot and withdrawing that on the 1st of the month so I can start budgeting monthly rather than from payday to payday (as some are 5 weeks apart, some 3 weeks).

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Wish I had this problem :disappointed: