Auto save with Pots

Being a customer of many high street banks it’s interesting to see their response to Monzo. One in particular has introduced a “freeze card” feature (sound familiar?). Last night I saw this pop up in my Nationwide feed and thought it would really appeal to Monzo users. Perhaps something could be developed and selectable in Pot settings. image

The ability to know how much to save daily/weekly/monthly would be fab. Even better if IFTTT could automate the whole process!

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Hey @chrismcfetridge
great suggestion!

There is already work going into this here :arrow_forward: Labs Feedback: Pots Goals 🍯 🎯

Since it’s still in Labs hopefully it will be fleshed out a bit more to recommend an amount to put away each day like you say :raised_hands:

PS… Welcome to the forum!

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