Auto Save Towards Bills

(Kenny) #1

I have an idea for the current account, that I would find really useful.

It would be really helpful, if there was a way for money in my account, to be autosaved, to be used later for Direct Debits.

Say for example I have a broadband bill of £45 each month, it would be handy if Monzo were able to auto-analyse my current account when I get paid, and automatically put £45 to the side, solely to be later used for the upcoming Direct Debit.

(Aaron Preston) #2

I think this is exactly how the pots feature is going to work :honey_pot:

I imagine, that any direct debits or standing orders will be covered by a bills pot for example

You can see the discussion on Pots here:

(Kenny) #3

Perfect! Thanks for the link :blush:

(Alex Sherwood) closed #4

If anyone has more feedback about this idea, please share it in the Pots topic -