Backup pot!

Simple idea really but I don’t think it’s been suggested before… maybe I’m wrong. I also just seen the idea from someone suggesting something like this.

Backup pot?

You just assign it like assigning a direct debit to a specific pot. it’s basically just a pot where should your main account not have enough funds to cover you. it’ll look in this before it bounces. Good idea?

It would be cool because you could affectively assign a pot each week, say you have 1 pot per week of the month, with this option you’ll just set a backup pot to say week 3 and it’ll take your budget amount.

I have an emergency pot just for this with £100 in.

I moved the money manually when Monzo alerted me that i didn’t have enough to cover a direct debit. This isn’t an issue for me now I have bills pots.

Perhaps it could be useful to others though :man_shrugging:


Completely agree with @Tainted-Archer. Having something like this could act as a fee free over draft essentially. I think there is a lot of people who would find this a useful feature.

Good idea. Like Ordog I currently do this manually and automating it would be nice.

This seems identical to the suggestion here:

Would it make sense to merge these suggestions into one, so we’re not voting for the same thing across multiple topics?

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