NCP Parking Meter Charged me after several declined transactions

I needed to go to town to run a few errands today and thought i’d just use apple pay on my new phone to test it.

Declined twice and then when I used chip and pin it declined again.

All 3 are showing in the app. (contactless with the card worked fine)

I know that only the successful one would settle and i’d get the other lots of 70p back but i’d like to warn fellow monzo users.

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Right a update on the matter

It has still not reversed and monzo are now giving me the option to dispute.

I contacted NCP and they said drop them a email with the date and the last 4 digits of the card and they will look into it.

If they either don’t reply or don’t play ball i’ll go ahead a file a charge back. (small amount of money but on principal)