Declined payment that went through

Hi. Monzo indicates it declined a payment as I had used my contactless limit up and it shows as declined however it went through with the merchant. Any ideas ?

Can’t see an authorisation number on there or any details of the card, so I’m not sure if that’s the card receipt or not?

That’s not a card receipt, it’s a till receipt. The merchant hadn’t been paid, but I guess they think they have and so put it through the till. The need to look at the merchant copy of the receipt that came out of the card machine.


Did the merchant have a mobile PDQ?

It looks like they have a till system that’s separate to their card device. I had this at a previous employer where if we were using mobile PDQs we could hit a button on the till that would close the transaction and print a receipt without any of the card authorisation data on it.

The person at the shop wasn’t paying attention and thought you’d paid.


Ah cool. I also bought lunch in a similar fashion at the same location and this also shows declined despite them scanning the card contactlessly. So free entry and food is likely :slightly_smiling_face:

Think their till is separate to the card machine

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Think the above comments have it covered, but nice to see another Ipswich Monzo user! Hi! :wave:

As others have said, the payment didn’t go through, the staff member messed up. Where I work our till and card systems are separate, and I always wait for the card system to confirm success before I complete the transaction through the till. But some people like to complete the till transaction before the card transaction has finished :man_facepalming:

Most cases they do catch the CC has failed and put it through again, but the fact they even put themselves in the position where it’s something they have to be careful of gives me anxiety (not least because the job of reconciling takings sometimes falls to me) :grimacing:


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