Atom Bank Feedback


I’ve recently set up a one year fixed saver with Atom

Took less than five minutes, created SO from Monzo each month, can leave it to mature

I couldn’t find many banks you could invest from as little as £50, instant creation & app based - Atom does all this

I was quite impressed but yes UX not the best but then how often do you need to look at a savings account?

(Graham - Mental health professional) #24

You’re absolutely right (and I’m still saving with them). But still…:rage: (I’ll try to get out more :flushed:).

(Colin Robinson) #25

Not impressed with their FaceID on iPhone X - I created a savings account at 3am and now it will only recognise me if I’m laid in bed - not easy to do at work in the afternoon! Also, what’s with that weird oval overlay - why don’t they use the standard FaceID login? And I have to take my glasses off :frowning:

(Graham - Mental health professional) #26

Not just me then…:flushed:


I just used the passcode for login - much easier…

(Bruce) #28

I loved the setup and the app, I think it would be quite a good selling point to non-techs.

I love their interest rates. Though annoyed the high ones are limited as they don’t appear when I need them.

My major issue with the business is they’re a fire and forget service. You stick your money in and you check once every six months.

Unlike monzo as a full bank where you interact with the service 10 times a day.

I’d love monzo and atom to merge.


So you can access everything thru their app :wink:


I think this is the grand plan with marketplace? Hopefully :slight_smile:


I’ve never got face unlock to work on my Pixel which has a pretty good camera too. The voice unlock usually works though.


Any thoughts about the impact Marcus will have on Atom?

(Graham - Mental health professional) #33

Right off the bat, I’d say instant access is a winner over Atom…and Faster Payments.


Plus actually being able to log in without the god awful interface Atom has

(Graham - Mental health professional) #35

Ain’t that the truth :anguished:!!.

From day one it’s made me cringe. How the designers can feel content with that interface beats me. I can’t wait to extract my funds…


For me, Atom have the edge because despite being locked in (and the awful app) it’s got the better rates.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Monzo offer, I’ll take a small rate hit if I can keep the money in this app.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #37

Agreed, Atom has distinguished itself since inception with market leading rates, though of course the trade-off is the lock-in.


And the app :tired_face:


I think the app is there to ensure that only the truly committed will join :wink:

(Graham - Mental health professional) #40

Well, that would explain it :grinning:

(Kevyn) #41

I applied for a Atom Bank mortgage on Monday. They valued the property Tuesday and completed my Mortgage Offer earlier today. Quite impressed with the speed.

Shame about the app.

(Bruce) #42

I too think the rates are what put atom ahead!