An interesting comparison of Mondo with Atom

(Kenny Grant) #1

I thought this might interest people here.

I tried out Atom the other week and really was not keen on the UI - it seemed like flash UI for the sake of it, and the comparison to Mondo was particularly instructive. Very pleased with the Mondo UI so far.

(Joshua Turner) #2

“I know its unfashionable but I believe in the value of banks, capital brings growth. I’m a banker, so shoot me.” Mark Mullen
“Bankers tell me what I’m doing isn’t banking. I don’t care about banking or financial products, we want to solve real problems.” @tom Blomfield

I think those quotes sum up the difference between Atom and :mondo:.

Atom is another bank from the 1960s - so there no real difference from the already established.
:mondo: is a rethinking and fixing what we currently call ‘banking’ - bringing it into the 21st century.

I’m so eager I can’t wait (well I can) for :mondo: to get its banking licence so I can move my current account.

(Andy Johnson) #3

Fantastic article! Sharing with a few of my friends whom I’ve referred to Mondo.

I haven’t tried Atom bank yet, but their reviews on the app store really don’t look good. Plus their UI really isn’t anything special, compared to the likes of Mondo.


The Atom app is so bad I deleted it even though I asked for a code.

(Jason) #5

Cheeses, was the group who made the atom app high on some bad shrooms and then forgot what they’d done.