UK Challenger Bank Sentiment Index

(Josh) #1

Kudos to Monzo, no.1 on the UK Challenger bank sentiment index through Brandseye. One of the only banks to receive more praise than complaints in the analysed tweets for the report (the only other being Atom). Good work.

It would be great to hear/read any more consumer sentiment that is out there?

(Simon) #2

Happy to see this, but I am not sure how confident I am in this methodology. The data is surely skewed by the fact that Monzo and Tesco (for example) will appeal to very different demographics,of which I imagine one is much more likely to tweet praise due to using twitter in a more holistic manner, whilst the other more likely to simply use twitter as a way of making a complaint heard.

(Dan Mullen) #3

I’m surprised they didn’t include Starling in the study.

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(Josh) #4

It’s a good point, but Atom and N26 (who you would assume are similar in terms of customer demographic to that of Monzo) are included and Monzo has outranked them also. It’s a useful stick in the ground to say the least.


:apple: and :tangerine:

Atom aren’t going to be in the same demographic being pretty much Mortgage/Loan focused where once you set it up engagement and interaction drops to zero other than periodically checking it a couple times a year.

N26 have only been a UK bank for half a year too. :man_shrugging:


Interesting but I agree with the points above. It’s not a clean cut as the editor would want you to believe.

Great line in the sand but I wouldn’t bet the home on it.

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(Simon) #7

Quite. I am of course pleased to see Monzo doing well, but it is always worth remembering that between their crowdfunding (see this excellent article about how well crowdfunding has worked as a marketing tool) and these active forums Monzo has cultivated a very loud online community compared to other similarly sized organisations. I think Monzo is doing a fantastic job with its reputation and in generating brand loyalty, but it is worth bearing in mind when seeing studies lilke this.

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(Josh) #8

Cool, I’ll take a look!

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