Atm no money out

Hello I did tell you about the money I was taking out from the atm and they didn’t come out I ve reported and I ve been waiting for more than a week and nothing… j ve send them again report and no answer what can I do ? Iam desperate for this money …

We’re just customers on here like you, so we can’t help you with this.

You need to message Monzo in app or call the number on the back of your card :slight_smile:


If the machine malfunctions during a transaction, the money goes into the purge bin. The next time the atm is restocked the purge bin will be checked and then the process can start of matching the transaction/cash with the account etc. Depending on how regularly the atm is restocked, this could be a little while.

Tap on something wrong tell us and select the bottom option to sort it out with Monzo and file a atm dispute

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