Take money out and the money wasn’t out

I ve try to take money out today and the atm didn’t take out my money probably I didn’t work but I ve been charge from my account… please can some one help

You’ll need to contact Monzo

Tap on the atm transaction and scroll down to the bottom and tap on the something wrong option

It can take a while for the money to be refunded if the atm company doesn’t count the machine often


It’s called ATM purge, when that happens normally the ATM issuer gives you a refund within 48 hours. But as mentioned before it’s best to let Monzo know as well.

The atm was froze so I can’t really do anything and I left …because I had to be at work…

So shall I wait first or shall I call them ?

Don’t call them, report it in app like explained


Sorry to bother you how do I do that I ve got. No idea

Tap on the transaction in the monzo app, scroll to the bottom

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The ATM freezing is actually one of the best outcomes because it’s very unlikely that the transaction would be settled to begin with and will reverse itself in ~10 days. You still need to report it in the app just in case.

It was an issue, but reportedly fixed now; https://monzo.statuspage.io/incidents/4y46b35ynxtx

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