Atm fee in Barcelona

i am trying to withdraw cash from an ATM in Barcelona and all the banks will charge a fee (from 1.75 to 7.00 euros
This will be the first withdraw i make this month so I don’t understand why is it charging me this now.
I did withdraw money back in June and was free of charge.

Any advice?

Try and use the same ATM machine brand that you used in June, although they may have increased their fees since then

You have just answered your own question? it’s not Monzo charging you?

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Hi Thanks,

I did that and now they are charging 2 euros…

Yeah probably corona. Things are tougher in the banking sector than they were

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Write a strongly worded email to the ATM provider? I’m not sure what else to suggest.

It’s nothing to do with Monzo. You can take up to £200 for free every 30 days.

The only key thing with ATMs is select the local currency, so euro in this case (don’t let it convert to pounds).

The fee for actually using the ATM you can’t avoid, so it’s a case of trying others if possible. It should always tell you what the fee is before proceeding.

I think maybe you’re confusing the change in terms for cash withdrawals.

This is the ATM provider charging you, not Monzo.

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It’s a charge for the use of the machine by its provider, not Monzo. If it was free before, the provider may have changed or increased their charges. Even with free cash withdrawals in Spain via Monzo, I’ve still had almost unacceptable ATM charges applied in some cases. Yes - I’m looking at you, Santander in Mataro, won’t be using that machine again.

I couldn’t find a free ATM last time I was in Spain. Someone did tell me that Sabadell ATMs didn’t charge, but I didn’t get an opportunity to try it out.

The only way I know for a customer of a British bank to avoid ATM fees in Spain is to use a Santander 123 card in a Santander ATM.

To be fair, it is quite normal in Spain for banks to only allow free withdrawals for their own customers.

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Yeah is very normal to get a fee with a normal bank card that is why I have Monzo, cause this was the only one that did not charged… but I guess this has change now…

I will try the sabadell just in case Thanks!

Check out the WIki page;

Mind you, does the Wiki need an update - or are the listed free ones still free?
I guess it’ll be harder to get an accurate answer given the current limits on travelling

Yeah, I think Spain is still on the quarantine list.

Then again, where isn’t?:man_shrugging:

*checks the time in case list changed again :man_facepalming:

Perfect thanks!
I will give this a try and update if necessary as i will be here for a bit!

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What I was saying is that customers of Spanish banks are often charged when using other bank ATMs. Sometimes it’s only cents, sometimes a few Euros. Monzo cards will be no cheaper.

Targobank is an option. Just used without any fee.