List of Banks branches that do not charge (or charge) fee with withdraw money abroad

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I have used Monzo for the first time when I went to Germany. Card payment or contact-less were great.
However, once I needed some cash and I used an ATM machine. I was careful to follow the indication about not changing local currency in GBP ( take local currency), I was charged a fee by the bank who managed the ATM machine. Monzo’s customers service confirmed that.
Is there a list of banks which are not taking the fee?

Thank you.

I’ve not been to Germany other than changing planes a few times.

As a general guide, I find that ATMs attached to bank branches of the big banks in that country don’t charge. Shop ATMs often do, same as in this country.

eg in France, Société Genéral
Belgium, ING
Spain, Santander
Italy, Unicredit

In Japan, your card won’t work in most ATMs, 7 Eleven (a chain of local convenience stores) is one of the few where it will work, and they didn’t charge me when I was there about 5 years ago

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I thought the same.
The ATM machine I used was not attached to any bank.

Santander in Spain definitely charge for using Monzo

I think in most European countries most banks will charge you if you withdraw using a different card than their own

I have taken money out in Italy using Monzo at "Intesa SanPaolo " bank. I took 40 euro and i got charged 35.11 pounds. So there was no charge by the bank.

In Portugal, using MultiBanco (like a Portuguese verisimilitude of LINK) ATMs will not attract a fee as long as you Reject the Conversion it offers, which you have to do twice.

Avoid EuroNet ATMs like the plague. Apparently they’re all over tourist areas across Europe, but charge you €4 for the ‘pleasure’ of using them and the built-in conversion is also daylight robbery (£54 for €50)! Suffice to say I hit that Cancel button as fast as I could!

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In Spain, Santander is one of the most expensive to use! They will charge 5€ a go.

In Spain, it depends which Bank you use of course. Santander and Sabadell are two to be avoided. CaixaBank and Bankía are free, as long as you reject DCC of course.

In Portugal, by law, all debit withdrawals have to be free. That includes Euronet

That might be true for Domestic cards but it was going to charge me using my Monzo card.

It’s for all cards, there’s no distinction for “domestic cards”. There are however reports of “mistakes” where Euronet conveniently identifies cards as being credit so that they can charge. Also, be aware that the law is for debit cards only, “prepaid” cards aren’t covered by it.

With Multibanco you’ll never be charged anything, no matter what card you use as you pointed out earlier

Hi chalky I’m in Portugal now in Alvor, so what happens when you reject conversation twice? What does it do? Cheers Tom

I’ve only ever been asked twice and then it usually charges you in Euros and dispenses the cash using a Multibanco machine. As I’ve said before, I’d avoid using a Euronet machine.

Thanks Chalky, much appreciated, Amy/Tom

List of SPANISH banks for free cash withdrawal please?

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