Impossible to raise a dispute in the app

Hello I had an ATM fail on me twice then still take the money.

When clicking something went wrong I’m told to wait 7 days which I’ve done and it’s still not come back.

But it’s impossible to raise a dispute. The only options I have are “I wasn’t at this location” and

Help > type “Contact” and press “Contact Us”


Same thing’s happening to me and I’ve been waiting for 3 weeks for “a specialist team” to get back to me, despite reminding them almost every day. Any progress from your side? It’s so frustrating.

Your situation is different to what the the OP is asking.

Theirs was starting a dispute, yours is chasing progress. Unfortunately sending more messages doesn’t bump you up the queue, they will respond when they have time to review or an update to give.

I’ve been chasing them about how to start a dispute because I don’t have the option to do it either on my app.

Is it from an ATM?

If it’s a normal transaction, scroll down and report it in that specific transaction.