Assigning Monzo Premium / Plus Payments to a pot

Hi! :wave:

One of the biggest things I love about Monzo is being able to assign scheduled payments to specific pots, or assigning virtual cards to specific pots, as I use this to manage my bills and such.

This means i usually never have any money in the “main” account as i move it into a pot that has nothing assigned to it.

I would love the ability to assign my monthly Monzo Premium payment to a pot, as I am always finding myself missing the payments.

Sorry if there is already a topic with this. I couldn’t find one while searching.


Hi. Welcome.


With few announcements this week like loans & flex from pot, and more accounts added to connected accounts, is there any updates on monzo plus/premium fees from pot?

No update.


That’s disappointing. Got all my other bills coming out of a single pot and boy does it make life easier being paid 4 weekly so pay date changes by a few days most months. Whish they would enable this, is cant be more than a few lines of code.