Monzo Premium fee

Is there any way to pay for the Monzo premium fee from a pot? I like to add up all my expenses (including the fee) and move them to a pot so I can then forget about my bills but I can’t see a way of paying this fee from a pot.



Annoyingly not. I feel like this is one of those things that will never come, but I would be very happy to be wrong on that!


Kind of

Since the fee is taken on the same date every month just set up a scheduled withdrawal from the pot on the day prior. Thats what i do.


you can set a schedule payment to come out of a pot the same day the premium fee comes out no need to set it the day before, the plus fee always comes out after the money comes from the pot, the negative though the plus fee will always show as a committed payment on your available balance in your budget, so if your plus is £5 and you have £10 available main account, it will only show £5 as your available balance even though you have a schedule payment from a pot to cover the plus fee. hope this makes sense

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