Asked to insert card A LOT when using Google Pay on my Pixel Watch

Hey all.

Now I use a Google Pixel Watch LTE (1st Gen) and like to use this to pay for things as its faster and I don’t always carry my phone as I’m connected to 4G on the watch anyway. If I already have my phone out and on me I’ll just use that if it’s already in my hand.

Now, Google Pay works wonders on my phone 99.99% of the time and I’m never asked to insert the card mostly.

I do have card limits set to £0 for the physical contactless card itself for added security but this doesn’t stop Google Wallet from working as intended.

I’ve removed the card on both my devices, relogged into Monzo to create a new session and this did nothing.

Weirdly enough when I’d go to pay for something, watch was unlocked as well, I’d hear the positive card beep sound and then automatically Not Authorised. FYI YES I have money in my account.

I am talking to customer service about this and it’s been escalated to a higher team. I’ll continue to carry my physical card as a backup but I don’t like using it as I’m giving away the details to the merchant.

I’m writing here to ask if anyone else who has a Pixel Watch has had a similar issue and what their resolution was as I’ve already been embarrassed in public enough as it is having the insert card message or at my local Nisa just saying not authorized.

I don’t have a Pixel Watch (1st gen) but if my watch was instantly declined - or ‘not authorised’, the first thing I’d do is try & pay contactless using my phone to evaluate where the problem was. As almost 100% of people paying contactless by phone never have a problem, I’d suspect an issue with the watch. But there are many variables here… Terminal acceptance, Watch operation, Bank account state, etc.

Tricky to instantly pin down but not impossible. I’d suggest going to Nisa & try to pay with your watch, your phone and your card in that order. Which works first?

Then there’s the obvious ‘reboot the watch’ advice which I don’t think you’ve confirmed you’ve tried in the above post.


Yes payments work wonders mostly every time on the card and my phone.

Its just awkward on my watch, I will be testing this with another card in my name and hope, this does fix the issue.

I am back to work tomorrow and that’s the perfect time to test this. I am trying another card with Nationwide instead just to pin point the issue.

To be fair I hadn’t rebooted it in a while to be fair which I’ve now done, I’ll try to pay for something today with Monzo, if that doesn’t work I’ll try using my Nationwide card.

I’ll be keeping updates posted here as this is a very strange issue and there’s nothing wrong account wise I don’t believe. I don’t receive notifications saying that a payment has failed etc.

The fact that this is such a strange issue, probably affecting you only, and only when you use the watch to try and pay, indicates to me that the problem is the watch or the configuration of the watch.

I’d rewind to basics and start from scratch. Logging out of the Monzo app and logging back won’t do anything but rebooting ALL of your devices might help.

EDIT: Some real world experiences here, mostly different - wait for second buzz, double-tapping crown to open GPay on watch, opening GPay on watch first, etc.: Reddit - Dive into anything

I’m taking it step by step, it’s not a major issue as I am carrying a wallet as a backup and I do carry my phone if I’m travelling to work or long distance but if it’s to my local corner shop then I carry those two things.

I’m taking it slow.

Have a look at the link in my previous post. Seems it is common for people to have issues with Pixel Watch 1, which seem to be simple misunderstandings on how it works.

Shame I can’t confirm from personal experience here!

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The fact people hold their watch to the terminal for 4 seconds and magically works is crazy. :eyes:

I’ll give that a shot, that’s bonkers.

As soon as the Pixel Watch 3 comes ill trading my 1st gen for that and touch wood I’ll never have some bizarre issues again.

You’re wasting your time with customer services (and posting it multiple times on here) when they aren’t going to help you with a watch issue.

Your card works. Your card works on google pay on your phone. = watch issue

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I have a pixel watch 2 and frequently use Google Wallet to pay using my Monzo personal and joint cards. Don’t encounter issues with it but on my older Fossil watch sport (running a much older version of wear os) it was slower and occasionally it would prompt me to “try again” when holding it against a terminal.