Are you a content creator looking to get paid from your work?

(Michael) #41

Love to help out! A couple of places I can think to put this :grimacing:

(Matt) #42

This looks interesting. I’d be interested in being involved

(Keesha) #43

I’d love to try this on my blog too!


I’d be interested in having this

(Peter Jackson) #45

I would be interested in contributing to this project :+1:


Will you be supplying this with Terms Of Service? If so what are they?

I hope you will not. As long as it’s legal just allow the payment. Don’t become a middle-man.

Or PayPal
Or Stripe
Or Patreon

Follow-up question: Will payments be available with credit card as well?

My repost from Twitter.

(Fearghal Hendron) #47

I’d be interested in trying this out on a wordpress site Ping me if you’d like some testers.

(Charlie Kelly) #48

Would love to try this!

(Emma Victoria Stokes) #49

As a blogger and freelancer writer, I’d love to trial this on my site! Check out if interested :slight_smile:

(Roscoe) #50

Hi, Yes I would definitely up for being involved in the Beta. I am an Artist (multiple mediums) & Musician, and just about to launch my social media

(I have been doing the above for years, but never needed to advertise, but people keep asking me to put my work online! So the time has come)


I am interested…

How do non Monzo used pay though ?? Debit / Credit card ??

(Dariusz) #52

Very interesting idea. What I would like to see is a multilingual option for writers who contribute to another language as the main one. However the idea is decent, I don’t think there shall be put a lot of resources into that as people tend to treat the “Interner” as a free source and I doubt that somebody will donate anything. PayPal used (and maybe still) to offer this type of button in many languages, but as mentioned, when somebody read something for free he rarely will contribute in cash.


I’d definitely be interested in trying this out on my open source projects.

(James Shrager) #54

I’d be keen to try this too for my blog on Medium just launched -

(Samuel) #55

Interested in trialling this :raising_hand_man:t4:

(Edward Stell) #56

Un-scientific poll: What platform would you use the banner on?

We want to make the first version useful for as many of you as possible, if you’re interested, could you reply with the number that corresponds to where you might share this banner - thanks!

  • Wordpress
  • Medium
  • Blogger
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • Other

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(Peter Shillito) #57

Twitter or my own website.

(Jack Noon) #58

I love this idea! Count me in!

(Sarah Hay) #59

Yes, i’d deffo participate, do email me!!


Own website. Why is this even a question?

Technology wise it should not make any difference. That is why, I think, many have put ‘other’ in the poll. At the end of the day, it’s all HTML - of sorts!