Are you a content creator looking to get paid from your work?

(Rob) #21

Count me in as well please!

(Hollie) #22

I would love to be involved! Myself and my partner are content creators and videographers.

(Kolok) #23

Will there be a fee for this after beta testing ? If not I’d rather the card processing fees and developer effort go into more projects that will help a wider audience.

(Jack) #24

My guess is it uses in the background. So the same rules would apply.

(Splodf) #25

We’ve got to find some way to stop you joining Monzo full time.


Why not sent it from Stripe to ur bank account? I have mine done as soon as is possible, and do not touch PayPal as too many issues with them

(Jack) #27

You can also use that goes direct into your monzo account.

(Harry Coelho) #28

I’d love this as a way to accept wedding contributions rather thans gifts on my wedding website, been trying to find an elegant means of allowing people to send in donations that i can embed in the website and this would work well! Aside from the cap of course :slight_smile:

A + would be to add it directly to a pot “Wedding contributions”


I wouldnt mind that but as using WHMCS for my Webhosting billing panel would need a plugin for that :wink:

On a side note anyone want any discounted web hosting message me :joy:

(Joshua Mason) #30

Only problem with that is that it links to myself as a person, rather than the brand.

(Joshua Mason) #31

At the time a large portion of the music publication earnings are paid into paypal (as the only option) and wanted all money in the same place.


Would love to involve the beta test!
I run the blog mainly for Mandarin readers from Taiwan, HongKong and Macou, so if there is a translated version that will be perfect :wink:if not this is still an exting for all content creator like us.

(Dav Gamble) #33

Trying to make it as a streamer and i would love to see this in action!

(Toni) #34

I’m in the same situation. I think there should be an incentive to get people to actually use monzo to donate.

(Andy) #35

I don’t like this at all. The way this ends is when someone with vaguely unappealing views has a link in their page and Monzo feel obliged to take action. Who decides who’s right and good and moral? Just as an example, imagine Germaine Greer with one of these, historically loved by feminists but now loathed by trans activists. Who is right? Does Monzo really want to sit in the middle of these moral judgments?

(Daryl) #36

Definitely interested :slightly_smiling_face:

(Izzy) #37

I would definitely love to get involved with the testing for this

(Peter Shillito) #38

If the intention is to just have an embed code or link, then literally anybody with an account could make one, same as posting a link.

However, if it’s intended to be approved users only, I think Monzo have a decent and diverse enough group of people to know the difference between a feminist and a TERF, but then there’d be staff having to approve or decline people and presumably do some research into every submitted person or company. That just seems time consuming…

Judging by the preview image, it looks generic enough to be an embed code anyone can use that just swaps a username out (like a link) and maybe a content type (blog, podcast, radio show, etc) so I’m thinking the former.


I’d love to join

(Amy McDonnell) #40

I’d love to be involved in this :grin: