Wordpress and Monzo.me

Although I’ve been a Monzo member since beta stage I’ve never delved into the developer side of Monzo. So hi to everyone here. Basically wondering, I’m a web designer currently using Wordpress, and I take donations on my website. I’ve always used Stripe but recently thought it would be good to cut out the middle man and use my Monzo.me link to collect donations on my website. I tried embedding the section from the page to my website using iframe but it looks like the iframe header is set to same origin only. Is there any way I can use the API for this idea? Or has anyone found or developed a plugin for Wordpress for Monzo.me?

Thanks in advance

Relevant old thread here:

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Ive seen this and whilst it works, I’m looking for a more inline solution rather than redirect out from my website. Thanks for that though

Personally I’d avoid iframes at all costs. It’s bad practice in my opinion and has so many downsides including being a security risk.

When it comes to payment methods you certainly shouldn’t iframe them. I’d recommend the route @Codf posted above :slight_smile: