Charity donations ❤

This is something that’s been suggested for quite a while by both staff and the Community

Today we’re happy to confirm that we’ve been able to make it a reality :pray:

Donate to the causes you care about, directly from your app.

Our charity partners will get 100% of what you donate, with no hidden fees.

We’ve written a blog to give a bit more context into the process and the decisions which have been made which you can find below :point_down:


Ooo! I beat you! Wanna merge threads?


Will more charities be added in the future?


I think this probably better than nothing but, please, if you’re earning and paying tax, please, please, please use the website link to gift aid your donation so that the charities get 25% more money from your donation - please don’t use this system! :woozy_face:


No. Not until there is such a systems which safeguards against harassment and abuse of privacy. This approach puts a barrier between me and the charity. So they don’t get my personal information.

I always donate anonymously these days, with very few carefully selected exceptions. Which right now is just the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

I’d much prefer to run my donations through a service like what Monzo is offering here, even if it means the charity will get 25% less. Because for me the 25% is irrelevant; it’s the difference between whether I’ll donate at all. Just hoping they’ll add charities which support things I care about in the future.

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This is such a great idea! Anything to remove the friction will create an uptick in donations. Thank you :blush:


I get the sentiment but this system may net the charities more in some cases. Someone using this to set a small recurring payment could end up donating more than a one off payment via a link. It’s a friction-less process and that’s where the real value will come in.


Excellent news!

As others have said, it really needs gift aid (using the info already on your Monzo account) to make this slick. And making it a platform where registered charities can just register would be cool.

I’m not sure about the discoverability though. I looked under Payments first (as that’s kinda what it is) and it was only after a long search and head scratch that I found it hidden under Your Account on the pull-down menu from the feed.


This is neat.


Wow. I remember work being done on this 3+ years ago. Glad to see it finally got released! :raised_hands:


Awesome to finally see it!

Would have loved to see some tie ins to roundups and a few animal/environment charities would have been nice, that’s where I prefer to donate outside of humanitarian efforts. Hopefully in the future! :crossed_fingers:

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I am getting an error has occurred when trying to donate


Would you be able to try this again for me? This should go through now as expected :hot_coral_heart:


We have a feedback form if you’d like to throw some names of charities you think that we should partner with.

We are hoping to keep growing this list of charities as quickly as we can and with everyone’s feedback on who we should support! :star:


That’s awesome! Thank you!


Worked thank you!!


You could be right, but it still makes me a bit sad that it has to be frictionless for people to donate. I had a quick Google and the Trussell Trust took £29.5m in public donations in 2021. 25% gift aid could mean around an extra £7.5m for them to use to help people. That’s huuuuge. But, yes, you’re right: if the alternative is people not donating, then monzo are helping these charities.

Sadly, I can kinda understand this too. Charities have been guilty of sending far too much junk mail, cold calls, etc so I take this point. Lately, however, I’ve found it easier to opt out of these annoyances, and I can’t help but think the extra money from gift is worth a small fortune to most charities.


Thank you. I did exactly the same.

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It’s also in Payments > Pay Someone (at least for me on iOS TestFlight)!