Are we all penniless millennials?!

A Times journalist (!) asked if there was any reason ‘not’ to join Monzo

And some twitter twerp responded ‘because your’e not a penniless millennial’.

I get the millennial thing is a misconception about who Monzo users are, but where has penniless come from?!

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At a guess (and it is just a guess), there are accounts which provide more interest, and don’t focus on many of the “budgeting” aspects that Monzo does.

But, sweeping statements in either direction aren’t particularly useful :smiley:

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I’m guessing because of the budgeting features they assume it’s for people who are struggling


I didn’t realise just because you budget that means your penniless. Can we just want to be more careful with our money?


To be fair I know a fair few penniless millennials…

The reason I’m not penniless is because I’ve budgeted for years.


Probably best not to take it personally :joy:

There will always be the argument that from an out and out banking POV, other banks are better because they provide more interest, or possibly cater for people with more money etc etc.

If using Monzo makes you “richer” because you can keep a better track of your finances, then perfect :smiley:


I really want to reply with a very sarcastic comment but I know that the times likes taking quotes out of context, So I would say just ignore him.


Its just a trolling/junk account why bother, it looks like he posted this today too. If you click on his Tweets & Replies its all crap, lots of swearing and some NSFW random stuff.


Seeing as it’s 2018 doesn’t that mean you can be at most, 18 years old, to be a Millennial?

My 18 year old has a different idea. But not one that I understand. :joy:

I still have no idea where these boundaries came from…

I still think being born in 1998 is fun. I got to experience everything, but had modern technology early enough to not be bored stif…

If you’re 18 you’re really part of Gen Z

1954-64 Baby boomers
1965-79 Gen X
1980-94 Gen Y (Millennials)
1995+ Gen Z


Oh look a lesser spotted presumptuous idiot on Twitter.

Back to your basement Kenneth.

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No; you’re a millennial if you were 18 in 2000. Someone who’s 18 now is post-millennial (that is, relatively speaking; I’ve no idea what the actual label for the next generation is).

Done it bro :wink:

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Generation Z or Post-Millennial, iGeneration

I really dislike these grouping terms.


My assumption was in general, monzo customers have above average income. Many millennial monzo users that I know work in high paying tech, finance, engineering or digital roles.

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The boundaries are different depending what you read. That’s saying I’m a millennial so it’s clearly wrong