Are there any good car insurance providers?

(Tristan Thomas) #1

So, I’m just delving into the world of car insurance and…wow. It’s not pretty!

Does anyone have any recommendations for decent car insurance providers? Looking for something slightly more modern than the stuff I’ve found ideally (like Bulb or Monzo)! Something like Cuvva but for yearly insurance :pray:

Seems like it should be ripe for disruption but I couldn’t immediately see anything :frowning:



(James Billingham) #4

Not to toot my own horn, but honestly there isn’t anything - as far as we’re aware. We keep an eye on what other modern-style options exist, but there doesn’t seem to be anything which covers annual car insurance needs.

The reason is very simple: in the world of price comparison websites, it just isn’t possible for a startup to offer competitive annual insurance pricing. They can offer it, but they would get near-zero sales as it would cost too much.

In the price comparison marketplace (which is essentially all of the annual sales volume), the only way to get any volume at all is for the broker to take a negative commission (i.e. they pay for the customer) and for the underwriter to lose money. Then they jack up the prices for renewal and try to balance against the losses.

(Tristan Thomas) #5

I hadn’t realised Cuvva did a non-PAYG model. This looks interesting! :eyes:

(James Billingham) #6

It’s kinda half-and-half. You get a continuous underlying policy to provide the legally required cover, then it’s a few pounds to drive


I use, not had a problem thus far

(Jack) #8

I’m with Aviva and find them good especially after doing this: you can get up to 28% off

(A/S/L?) #9

I switched between Adrian Flux and Greenlight for a while. Because I was a member of a sports car forum I managed to get a small discount. I can’t say that I have a favourite provider, I guess whichever works out cheapest with the most trimmings! :star_struck:

(Marshall Olmos) #10

General has cost-efficient offers. It wasn’t hard to work through all the paperwork with them during signing up and all the bad situations I got involved on the road. Here’s their auto insurance quotes

(Tristan Thomas) #11

I went with Adrian Flux in the end — unfortunately Cuvva don’t do campervan cover :stuck_out_tongue: (yet)


also if you belong to a trades union or if you have served in the uniformed services (Navy, Army, Airforce, Police) there may be discounted insurances available, e.g. thru Police Mutual.

Some sports and motoring clubs and societies offer discounts too such as CTC and IAM, and professional societies such as for doctors etc the RSM have preferential rates at Hiscox.