Aviva Drive app

Hello everyone - wondered if anyone has used the Aviva Drive app to get cheaper car insurance? My renewal is coming up wondered if it was worth it?

Well it depends if they give you the cheapest quote, surely?! I think the app only brings down your renewal, and not your initial quote. I’d probably just go with your cheapest initial quote.

Well worth it!

It brings down both renewal and initial quotes.

I’ve used it a few times now along with my friends. It’s saved a few hundred in total, aviva were the cheapest for me without the discount so it only made things better.

The discount normally continues through to future renewals. Just make sure it states the aviva drive discount on the quote. They tried to tell me it doesn’t list it even though it’s applied, I proved them wrong on that and got it added back.

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And if you use Topcashback, you can sometimes get it even cheaper. I got £75 off the cheapest quote from Aviva using Topcashback a couple of years back.

The annual cost of motor insurance is all a bit irrelevant for me these days anyhow. I drive a 1.9 diesel and I pay £175 a year fully comp, perks of being an old git with 35 years of driving behind me and zero penalty points.

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How does it actually work? Do you need to have it active every time you drive?

I’m a cautious driver, so I have always wondered about it

You have to complete 200 miles, this can either be over 1 or multiple trips. It doesn’t have to be every time you drive. You choose when you want to start and stop it monitoring.

It measures your breaking, cornering and acceleration over the distance to see if you’re a good driver.

The better you are the higher the score you get.

Higher score = higher discount.

The first time I did it was on a 200mile motorway drive so that was easy.

The second time was just back and forth work and other places.


I did it a few years back, got the top score and got the discount. Aviva have always been the cheapest insurer for me so this just worked out as a bonus really.

The only issue is at renewal. Aviva have consistently given me renewal quotes that have been higher than if I got a quote as a new Aviva customer. Easily sorted over the phone but the Aviva Drive discount isn’t available unless you drive the 200 miles again!

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I will give it a go - thank you everyone. Will turn it on for my drive to and from work :+1:t2:


How does it know who’s driving?

You put your email in which you’d use for your quote.

In theory though anyone could do it for you. There’s no validation.

I used this a couple of years ago to get a score of 9.2. The best driving for a good score is motorway driving.

It’s saved me 28% three years in a row now. The savings far outweighed the cost of driving 200 miles up and down the motorway pointlessly!


So I could just slap it on my mum’s phone and send her off pootling about for a week?


Used it a couple of years back and saved me a couple of hundred.

Definitely recommend doing it when you’ve got a motorway trip planned as you just bang on the cruise control at 65 and it’s happy days.

I just get K.I.T.T. to take over.

Prior to a new quote with Aviva, can you use this to make a judgement about your driving style? I’ve got my renewal coming up.

I scored a 8 :+1:t2: Going to call them this week to see if the discount was worth it!

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