Flexing car insurance payment

hello! does anyone know if monzo allows you to flex a car insurance payment? or does it count as a ‘financial service’?
to be clear, i mean paying for the insurance in full, not paying in installments AND flexing.

thankyou in advance!

It honestly depends who you speak to (unless you get a response via chat instead of here).

I would class Insurance as a financial service just to be on the safe side I wouldn’t flex it, but I have seen others do it before.

It depends on how the insurance company have categorised the payment but in most cases today it won’t be flexible. We do think this is a legitimate use case so are looking at ways of relaxing our rules whilst still restricting harmful purchases.


Yes - I did this with Churchill last month.

I raised this in the main Flex thread and @TheoGibson said that insurance was OK to be flexed.

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As above, I flexed my Aviva policy (in full, not monthly payments) without any issues, after seeing it confirmed that it was allowed.

I Flex’d my Hastings Car insurance no problem :sunglasses:

Some insurance companies my class it as a loan instead of insurance therefore may not be accepted as per terms of Flex.

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Interesting! :thinking: I assume the APR on flex is much lower than that from the insurance provider.

I only use Flex over 3 interest-free payments, so yes!

Ahhh. I thought people were doing the full 12 month.


I’ve only ever done that once in my life, back when insurance companies didn’t charge any interest!

I’m my case flex is 10% ish lower

This is what my insurance company are charging it as over the year.

At the time I didn’t have a flex account or £2,300 sat in the bank to pay the full 12 months policy off there and then :joy:


What are you insuring, a Lamborghini!? Yikes.


2 litre diesel Scirocco :joy::sob::joy:

It’s my 1st car and 1st year of insurance. If I’d gone with something with a smaller engine and slower it would of been a lot cheaper.

That quote was literally the cheapest, the next one’s up where between 3k and 6k :flushed::joy:

Hopefully come next January, the quotes will be a lot less of bending me right over :eyes:


Have used flex with AXA. Flex APR similar to AXA from memory.

Jeeez don’t think I’ve ever paid over £1,000 :scream: My first car was a Micra because I was too tight fisted to pay anymore on insurance :rofl:


First car insurance was £3300 for a new fiesta in 2004, only 18 At time. Half value of car, but lot of boy racers back then lol

My second year was double my first because at 19 what you definitely need is a car that goes a lot lot faster than your first car :smiley:

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My first year without a back box was £800 when I was 17

Currently £450 at almost 21, I’m with direct line and paid with amex for cashback.

If I had a black box at 18 I might not be out of jail yet.