Do Monzo-to-Monzo standing orders process on the weekend?

I want to set up scheduled payments every 1st of the month from our Monzo joint account to our Monzo personal accounts.

Does anyone know if this would be processed on weekend days if it was a set up as a standing order?

We process standing orders on any day of the year.

(Except for standing orders which were brought in as part of a CASS switch; these will only run on working days (i.e. not working days or bank holidays), to make sure they run on the same schedule as they did at your old bank.)


Great, thanks!

Crikey you’ve thought of everything.


Random question: is there any technical reason why users couldn’t (hypothetically in the future) specify a date and time for a standing order or transfer?

I guess user could just cancel and setup the same standing order again. Standing orders are really like a bank transfer so it’s not too much of a hassle to setup one again.

I’m not sure I was clear enough. I was idly curious whether the payments system would let you create a standing order for, say, every Monday at 15:32, say.

No reason, just curious!

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Like everything, that’s something we could do; but currently our system is set up to run standing orders on a particular date. (If processing is unavailable for whatever reason, we retry standing orders later in the day.)

We’d probably need to have a good reason to change this :blush:


I’d love to hear what use cases there are for sending scheduled payments at a particular time.

Generally, banks only guarantee a date to give some room for cases where either the sending or receiving bank is having trouble.

Faster Payments are guaranteed to either succeed or fail within about two hours at most (though normally immediately). For Standing Orders, people will generally accept a delay over the payment failing entirely without them knowing (especially as it may only be a delay from, say, 2am to 5am, likely before they’ve woken up).


Exceptionally long time in replying, but here are two:

  • I have a savings account with a provider that doesn’t use faster payments - indeed, as far as I can see they send them manually. This means that if schedule a withdrawal to my Monzo account on, say Monday, it could arrive at any time during the working day. If I’m relying on good savings money to pay a big bill (my Christmas credit card bill in a real life example) I might want to schedule payment for 7pm. Leaving it to the next day might incur fees etc.

  • for peace of mind. Most folk don’t know exactly what time credits and debits hit their account. If I know I’m getting paid on Monday, scheduling a payment for the afternoon gives me comfort that it’ll all work okay.

So those are some use cases. But sometimes it’s fun to do something just because you can. It shows Monzo as a modern bank doing something obvious that others don’t do and (I’m guessing) folk would love it!