Standing Orders\Direct Debits

Hi guys, sorry if I’m repeating but I wasn’t wondering how it works with standing orders? Does Monzo wait for say a salary credit before sending out Standing Orders\DD’s? I know Starling has a thing where it doesn’t try to send standing orders until 9\10am in the mornings after sending an alert to say if there are no funds (so I’ve read anyway)

No currently if you don’t have money in by that date it fails and doesn’t retry. Monzo tried to get around this by giving you notifications the day before telling you that there is insufficient money in your account but has said they are looking to do a DD retrying in the future

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Ok thanks for that @ChrisBeldam
Is this on both DD’s and Standing Orders or just Standing Orders? DD’s, if they fail, are normallly tried again some days later
Also, if you were having a salary paid in on 18th, with standing orders etc also on the 18th. Which happens first? Are the standing orders etc set to go at say 4pm?

Not sure about this as I don’t have any SO only DD.

Depends what time your salary gets paid in really, I would assume DD come out first from what the forum has said before but never had this issue myself

Ok, thanks very much for your help\advice @ChrisBeldam

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It really depends on how you get your salary: If you are getting it via BACS credit then this should be processed before DD and Standing Orders.

If you are getting your salary via other means, then it depends.

I would strongly advise to have your DD and SO paid out a few days after payday. If you don’t have that flexibility then I’d advise going with a bank that retries later during the day (Barclays, for example, send you a warning in the morning if a DD fails and give you until the afternoon to pay in sufficient funds).

Thanks @nanos
Do you know if this is something Monzo is looking into as it would mirror “old banks”

No, they aren’t.

Latest word (as far as I’m aware) “hopefully […] in the future”. Don’t hold your breath …

@rcoley If you have salary paid in via BACS Credits these are processed at 1AM on the specified day, whereas Debits are processed after at 2AM
This insures that if they both land on the same day there aren’t any issues in theory.

See post below from Monzo staff about this:

Retries if a payment fails may be added in the future.

Standing Orders & FPS are not processed by monzo at any particular time. This is down to the sending bank, we apply them as soon as they arrive.

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Thanks @Jackcrwhitney

For 100% accuracy, inbound Standing Orders (FPS SOPs) are not processed by us at any particular time. This is down to the sending bank, we apply them as soon as they arrive.

Only Bacs Direct Credits are applied at 1AM (an hour before direct debits at 2AM) :+1:


Hi Nick,

Thanks for the clarification, I’ll edit my post to reflect what you’ve said, Maybe it would be beneficial to put something in the help section of the app as I see this question asked every now and again on the forum :slight_smile:

@nickrw what about outgoing standing orders?

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They are also processed at 2am.

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I got a £12 fee from Amex when my Direct Debit failed and it was very annoying.

We will be adding retries in the near-ish future.


It’s here!