Are joint accounts still dropping for users today?


If it was purely an informal get together, and wasn’t being live streamed - I’m fine with that (to a degree).

It’s great Monzo put on such a show for people, and I’m sure everyone there is very happy, and don’t mind the delay.

But let’s not confuse informality with unprofessionalism - They are in charge of my money, and if they say their live stream is going to start at 18:30 - I kinda expect it to start then.


@nickh getting his question in on the stream :slight_smile:

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It’s liveeeeeeeeeee


@cookywook capturing my tone delightfully.

Also… Great answers - Fully answered my questions!

(Dan) #26

Live is live is live. I’ve seen delays happen with pretty much every major broadcasting company over the years, including the BBC.

Last year Apple had an event from 10am-12am PST and it ran to 12:30. Does that make them unprofessional?

Personally, I think it’s very reasonable to expect issues with live events - thing’s can and do go wrong. I wouldn’t say a companies live stream and their managing of finances are in any way related.

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Thanks to everyone who came along tonight, or watched on the stream.

Shoutout to @nickh for the questions in the chat too. They were great!

Please give us your feedback here:

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Can i ask something cheeky… why is pot goals going into labs rather than live? It doesnt seem to be a complex thing that will require lots of feedback from users and modifications to perfect?

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I totally agree. Unfortunately, things got a bit panicked behind the scenes with Mastercard issues tonight and those in the room hadn’t fully arrived/got their food yet.

I’m going to try and make sure that for at least the events I’m doing AV on, we actually have a defined event start time, rather than just the time we turn the stream on. I hit start on the stream at the right time and was left waiting at the back. :grimacing:


Completely appreciate the MasterCard issue - Worst possible timing I’d say!

I also appreciate that the number of people watching the live stream was relatively low (around 200 I think) - It was more the fact that I genuinely put off stuff to watch this one (my first one I’d say down and watched), so it was a little frustrating waiting around.

That being said, once it started, it was great - There presenters, yourself, @cookywook were all superb.

I even got to ask my questions from the comfort of my own home (minus the beer and food)…


Thought the presentation was good and watched it. Thought it well down considering it’s two engineers. Nice to see questions being answered.

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Instagram stories has all the answers :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Pots - Feedback Thread 🍯
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Great event as always!

(MikeF) #55

First one I’ve tried to watch live-ish. The timing was slightly off-putting but I find the informality of these events part of the attraction so there’s a fine balance to be achieved. Certainly if you have to go all ‘corporate’ and ditch the food etc. to get the timing exact then forget it, please - I might get to attend one and there had better be food!


I showed my partner the video and her response was ‘and I’m meant to trust them with my money’

The video felt extremely amateurish

(Peter Roberts) #57

Sure, I agree that the presentation wasn’t the smoothest I’ve seen but I didn’t spot anything in it that gives me any rationally grounded concerns with Monzo’s ability to manage my money. I’d be really interested to hear what specfic issues people might have with Monzo though - would you mind sharing the points your partner made?

(Andy) #58

I think it’s great to see the actual developers, those working on the coal face actually demonstrating what they’ve made, how and the reasons behind some of the decisions made

(Marcel Ruhf) #59

Totally agree.

Plus, in my view, this event (with it specifically being labelled a “Labs” event) wasn’t really meant for a non-fintech enthusiast audience anyway. I’d expect the presentation to be smoother for a full launch.


Anyone who shares my PowerPoint struggles goes up in my estimation

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I work with engineers everyday :man_technologist::woman_technologist:, and I am surprised they managed to do as good of a job presenting as they did, so well done :star:. Also, who better to show case joint accounts than the very people who built it. This approach cuts out the fluffed up bullshit :poop: that is usually crammed into these presentations by the marketing departments as seen from the likes of Apple, Google, etc. I appreciate this “let’s build it together” and “join us for the ride” approch they are taking, it’s honest, it’s raw, It also has zero fluff with a strong focus toward community.:speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil::see_no_evil:. Bring it! :eggplant: