Are joint accounts still dropping for users today?

Does anyone know if joint accounts are till being rolled out tonight?

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Yes. Unless you’ve heard something else :thinking:


If it rolls out when the event starts, then just over an hour to go! :smiley:


I somehow expected there to be more chat about it on here today. So was just wondering.

I think it’s worth remembering that this is still very much a beta product - So a load of people won’t have the functionality they want.

But yes, it’ll be live in the next few hours in Monzo Labs.


It won’t be when it starts (everyone would just be on their phones the whole time!). But during the event :crossed_fingers:


Spoilsports :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Join the festivities here

We’ll also be revealing a new Pots related sneak peek, coming to Labs next week :eyes:


Pots that more than one person can use? :laughing:

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Probably (hopefully) pots with interest, which is on the Big List.

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Maybe it’s a combination of pots with interest that can have custom photos and shared with multiple people :rofl: #iwish

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I don’t want to be negative - But starting over 20 minutes late isn’t brilliant.

If you want people to come to these events, or watch online, starting on time would be ideal…


I think starting late can’t be helpled these things happen as long as it’s under way.


hmmm, we’ll have to agree to disagree - A little late… fine (5 mins or so).

But I genuinely put off some stuff to watch this (I’m THAT excited about getting my hands on a joint account), and being over 20 minutes late is unprofessional.


I fully agree. If you set a time for something then you need to be prompt at starting.

Edit: The Mastercard issues are not a reason, this is out of Monzo’s control.

Edit 2: This furthers the argument that these live events just don’t work in their current form. Event’s should be edited and then uploaded to whichever social medium of choice.


I’m here and just drinking the beer while I wait. The food was great (first time getting any). Looking forward to the switch on.


You can watch it later if you don’t want to wait now


Not the point, as @nickh has pointed out some of us have postponed some things to watch this event.

Edit: I didn’t mean to come across as hostile @Rat_au_van. Apologies. I know you are only trying to help.


Like I said, I don’t want to be negative - But if you are going to the effort to create an event, invite people to it, and encourage people to watch online - You need to start on time - Certainly not 20 minutes late.

It just screams of amateurism, and reminds you how young Monzo are.

For comparison, watch an Apple live stream, and it starts right on the money… every time.

Just constructive feedback for future events.


Ah, but are they offering all the attendees beer and food?

I’ve been to a few of the open offices, with people turning up at all different times, food turning up sometimes before I’ve turned up, sometimes after. I’m surprised how well they’re run.

Then there’s the tech stuff, trying to get the stream running, seeing if the throw around mic works :wink:

They’re also quite informal…

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