Are joint accounts really ready for me to make the switch?

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I have been waiting for joint accounts to catch up in regards to features since they were released, and I thought they were finally now there.

With the release of the joint account switch service feature I thought it would be a good time to make the move, but we have just realised there is no way to request money via monzo me to a joint account, what are the features are missing and is anyone else out there like me who are on the fence about switching their joint accounts? If so, what’s stopping you?

  • Bill Splitting for joint accounts.

  • for joint accounts.

  • Shared Tabs for joint accounts.

  • IFTTT for joint accounts.

  • Overdrafts for joint accounts.

  • Loans for joint accounts.


My needs joint account are very basic. Income comes in from my partner and I and bills come out. Most of the missing features I don’t need nor want :man_shrugging:


There’s no features missing which I think I’d ever need or use. It’s the features which I use all the time I’m getting really desperate to see overhauled big time


Been using joint account and #fullmonzo since December and final DD was complete for January (manually transferred DD’s as CASS not running on joint accounts).

My only issue and it’s about the “accounts” in general is no scheduled payments for every 4 weeks / 28 days and even the COPs can’t do it for you :wink:

Joint overdraft and iffftt would be nice but not a necessity


Maybe a feature added today but I do see an option for every 4 weeks when setting up a scheduled payment on my joint account.


Not on iOS though :wink:


Do you do this a lot?

If it’s incredibly important that you use, you can always use your sole account and move it over.

Otherwise bank transfers are seamless.

I’ve been on the joint account from day one, and I can’t say I’m missing any features.

The account switcher and payees page need an overhaul though, but that would be about it from me.


I am on iOS.


Different methods of receiving money have different affects on the budgets all it depends if that’s important to you. Banks transfers from external sources are ‘Income’ so you can’t offset a budget (if somebody is paying you 1/2 of something), can’t remember if solo to joint are the same, I think they are :neutral_face:


I gather that is a scheduled payment to another account rather that into pots which I should have pointed to earlier and you on a testing version?


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