Are bank statements considered PUBLIC documents?


I am using my Monzo UK bank statements to show proof of my income to immigration purposes in Spain.

On the consulate websites it states that any public document must be legalized, whereas all other documents just need to be translated.

Is a bank statement considered a PUBLIC DOCUMENT ? Or is that more like marriage certificate, property deed etc?

Sorry if this is a stupid question! I have contacted them directly but no one provides me with any advice!

They are more then likely talking about things on public record such as your birth certificate and or marriage certificate.

Is your finances viewable by the public? I should hope not!


If my bank statment was a public I think Iā€™d have a heart attack!

But no bank statements are not public records. Birth, death and marriage certificates are.


Public document, in this context, means issued by a government, not if it is a matter of public record or not. Obviously, Monzo is not part of a government