Approval Notifiation Lost

I had some notifications from Monzo that I hadn’t yet read.

I made an online purchase and it asked me to approve via the app. I clicked the notification, but because I had some other pending, unread notifications about purchases, the app took me to account summary instead of giving me the option to approve my online purchase. I worked around this with SMS option, but there didn’t seem any way to see the screen to approve my purchase. Is there any way to get to this screen from the app, or is via notification the only way?

Android 10
Pixel XL 3
App v3.31

A pending approval should appear in the main transaction feed on the home tab. You can tap on it there to get to the approval screen.

In this instance the feed was only updated as of yesterday (i.e. the previous online transaction hadn’t appeared yet that I’d made this morning).