Apple WWDC Live

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #21

I am actually pleased Amazon TV is finally coming to Apple TV


Was that announced? I missed that.

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #23

Was the first announcement of the day although it’s been known for a while, not sure if it is going to hit the ATV 3 but defo the 4.


Yeah, I’d heard the rumour but didn’t spot it being formally announced. That’s cool.

(Bruce) #25

Lack of 4K very annoying

(lee) #26

I’m not a fan of paypal, barclays pingit etc (never heard of Venmo). If it was an improvement to faster payments available to anyone with any account without signing up then it makes sense.

More like payM if it wasn’t such a missed opportunity because they dont seem to know how to do marketing.
For me the same kind of applies with monzo me - if it doesn’t work with people without a monzo account i’m just going to use faster payment, likewise apple Pay.

Except I imagine the base of iOS users would put this pretty far ahead in terms of almost everyone knowing its available, what it does and how it does it… Granted not now, but in a couple of months this will be everywhere.

Assume also that if monzo are planning to add apple pay as a feature this will be a requirement.