Apple WWDC 2022

Messages in iCloud is definitely on? Settings > your name > iCloud

I’ll feed it back, but if deleted messages aren’t being deleted from other devices and this is turned on I sus a bug.

I just tested this myself. Deleted a message from a chat with someone on my iPad, went on my phone and it was gone there too.


I suspect the wider use case here is starting an album on one device, pausing it, and wanting to come back and finish on another.

Much like AirPods can intelligently move between devices based on what you’re using, it’s a real miss that your media isn’t part of this continuity either.

It’s probably the biggest complaint / feature request I’ve seen for Apple Music in particular among my social circles for the past couple of years.


For me, I want the rumours about iPadOS 16 to be true - multi-window experience when connected to a keyboard and trackpad/mouse. I’ve a 2021 M1 iPad Pro and love it, but iPadOS is definitely one of the limiting factors. Final Cut Pro and other Pro apps would certainly be a welcome addition too.

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Oh, and for Apple to fix Apple Music under macOS. It’s been a massive, massive, massive pain in the rear end. I’ve had so many problems with syncing against iOS and iPadOS. Most recently to get things working again, I deleted (having backed up first, obviously) my entire library - created a new local library and synchronised it from iCloud Music Library. Everything is now back in sync and working properly.

I too have had this issue, but the one that really gripes me is the non handoff between devices. E.g play a song on my Mac, pause and resume it on my iPhone.

Spotify does this perfectly, I really can’t understand why Apple does not

I’m looking forward to seeing proposed IPadOS updates as well as (rumoured) new M2 powered MacBook Air and entry level pro. A new iPhone and refined flat face Watch model would be nice!

I may upgrade my M1 Macbook Air to the M2 powered one, I use my Macbook more than I used to. I absolutely love it, probably the best laptop I have owned

It does everything without breaking a sweat

I’m normally the first to encourage an upgrade, especially for Apple products, but do you need the extra power?

I was thinking of going for the Mac Studio + display but I’m now inclined to wait and see what the next iMac or iMac Pro looks like.

Not really, no. maybe for games via CrossOver.

Depends what the trade in value is after 2 years of having the M1 (November 2020)

I’d like them to remember they’ve also got the website and give that a facelift/refresh and introduce all the new services they’ve launched onto that as well for those who have a iPhone/iPad but not a Mac computer (like Apple TV+, Apple Maps, books you’ve bought through Apple Books, even things like iMessage and Facetime through that as well)