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Hi -
Just wondering…
Are you planning to deliver an Apple watch app for Mondo?
It would be nice to be able to see the current balance, Todays spend and the most recent transactions either in an app or as a Glance…


While I agree, it’s not a high priority for me.

Current balance and today’s spend as a glance and/or complication would be really nice. Especially if the Watch app was capable updating over tetherless Wi-Fi using WatchConnectivity. Recent transactions would only be useful with Handoff back to the phone/any future website.

I think the real value would be in actionable and dynamic notifications since most of what you would do out and about would be in response to a transaction. Last I checked though, dynamic notifications only showed up once if the user immediately raised their wrist after receiving the notification and they’re likely to still be finishing the purchase at that point.

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Speaking personally as an Apple Watch user, I’d like to echo @RichardR – I think the answer to “app” is no, as I don’t find myself ever using apps on the Watch.

On the other hand, adding support for e.g. a Complication (or Glance), especially with Time Travel support tied to predicting future balance, would be super cool.

For now though the focus is 100% on the mobile app, since that’s the core user experience.


I agree that soaking for myself I don’t really expect, nor really want, anything more from Mondo on my Apple Watch than I get today. The transaction notification is just the perfect sweet spot. The only other thing I can image wanting is to use Apple Pay on the watch - which I presume comes once the card is in normal production.

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I agree with the approach suggested by @james - as a regular (daily!) Apple Watch user, the only apps I really use regularly are the watch face, Activity, and Music. That said, I’ve seen some amazing complication and glances support - this is where knowing up to date balances, having information on recent transactions etc would be useful.

Would really like a Watch application (based on Watch OS2) - purely for the use of Quick Glances and the ability to time travel as suggested above by using a widget would be super cool!

I assume you can add the card to apple watch like any other contactless card, or is that a no go at the minute?

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No go right now, Mondo is not currently supported by Apple Pay.

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As an Apple Watch owner myself, I hardly - if ever - use the apps. I do, however, use the glances quite frequently - so I would love a current balance glance and notification handling.

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Will add a +1 to the Glance functionality. Even with improvements with watchOS 2, using separate apps on the Watch is a bit of a chore and leaves a lot to be desired, a quick Glance with balance, spent today with maybe an option to top up via Apple Pay with Force Touch.

Top-up via. Apple Pay would unfortunately not work (at least entirely) on the Watch, would have to handoff back to the phone to complete that sadly.

I agree that the glance feature would be fantastic. It’s not in plain site and easily accessible, if only for the balance it would be a great addition. Having today’s spend would also be welcome of course :wink:

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Would that change when Mondo is fully recognised as a bank?

Just to point out that glances are no longer in Watch OS3. It’s replaced with the dock which is slightly different and not as useful for quick information glances.

Honestly, I disagree that the dock is less useful than glances. Especially considering that it’s worlds quicker and far more reliable. Also able to show nearly anything rather than a limited set of templates.

With watchOS 3, a Watch app for this case could be structured as balance and spent today on the initial screen above the fold. This would show in the dock.

A user could then enter the app and scroll down to see maybe five recent transactions (more accessible via. handoff to the phone). Force press to freeze card and possibly top up with Apple Pay. Throw in a full set of complications, make it work when not connected to the phone (having done extensive disassembly of the Watch system and APIs, I believe this will be more important in the near future) and that’s all the major use cases I can think of covered.

I didn’t say it was useless I said it was less useful for Mondo, which even by your own explanation it is.

It’s not a quick glance in the dock now. The icon isn’t the full width of the watch face, which particularly for those with a 38mm watch isn’t as easy to see as in glances with a quick swipe up and instant full screen.

Yes of course the dock has uses, but for the most part require either 1. Less retail space to deliver information and/or 2. More clicks as you have to press to go into the app to get the best information.

The live data function of the dock also isn’t perfect and there are apps I have that aren’t automatically updating to be shown on the dock.

If only I could afford one :weary:

I’d personally love a current balance view and the ability to top up my balance from my watch.

The whole point I bought it was to save having to take my phone out of my pocket half of the day for small actions. Top up feature would be great for those times you’ve been caught out with not quiet having enough on the card.

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But you would still need the phone in this case any way since you need internet connection to be able to top up

You can use wifi with the watch too -