Apple Watch Ideas

(Jack Worton) #1

As an avid Apple Watch user, I was thinking of some cool ideas that could be implemented when (or if) Mondo releases an Apple Watch version of their app.

1: Balance Complication
I’m always on the lookout for new complications to add to my Watch. Having little bits of information on my home screen is a massive help, and a massive timesaver. Just like the iPhone widget, maybe there could be an Apple Watch Mondo complication where you can display your balance on the home screen? Would be ideal to get a quick glance of your balance by simply lifting your wrist.

2: Mini feed in app on the watch
I assume this would be an obvious feature, but it’d also be helpful to get a quick glance of the feed from my watch. I’d simply display the merchant name and the money spent, and also give you the ability to add a note. (Using the speech to text feature of the watch) it’d be a quick way to check your feed, and add notes on the go without your phone leaving your pocket.

3: Send funds to other Mondo users on the watch
Being able to send money to your friends through the click of a button is great, but what if it could be done all from your wrist?
At first you would set up a list of contacts on the iPhone Mondo app, then when you want to send another user money on the Watch, you’d be presented with the contact list you made. Choose your contact, input the amount of money being sent via plus and minus signs (just like the way you top up) and press send. A simple and quick way to send money to other Mondo users.

I’ll be sure to update this list if I come across or think of any other ideas for Mondo on the Apple Watch. :slight_smile:

(Rika Raybould) #2

I’ll probably mostly repeat what I said in another thread on Apple Watch support. The best Watch apps are those that proactively inform me through dynamic notifications and complications. Showing as little as possible in the main app interface. I don’t believe adding notes or sending money to friends via. the Watch would be such a great experience (though I admit, I haven’t tested this specifically in the real world, just going off my experiences with the Watch in general).

With watchOS 3, I believe it’s finally worth the effort to build something. Especially now that watchOS apps can finally be trusted to show accurate and up to date data!

To add, with in-app Apple Pay now available in watchOS, top ups could now be done in response to low balance notifications.

If/When Mondo release something for watchOS, it will definitely be one of the few apps in my dock.

(Jack Worton) #3

Apologies if there is another Apple Watch thread, I just had some ideas pop into my head and wanted to list them here :slight_smile:

I agree with what you’re saying about watchOS 3, and how you like things to display the important stuff without clogging up the screen. With the watch getting more features, there’s no better time to make an app for the Watch.

I’m a big believer on getting things done as quickly and as smoothly as possible, which is why I mentioned making notes to your transactions via the watch. I don’t know about others, but I write notes on all my transactions. Opening the app on the iPhone, and then writing the note seems more time consuming then opening the mondo watch app, and speaking into the watch to add a transaction.

Either way, I’d be very excited to what :mondo: could bring to the Apple Watch.

(Adam) #4

The WWDC keynote was a little misleading in-regards to the Watch OS3 apps being ‘live’ in the background. In fact only 10 (including default apps) can be ‘live’, all other apps will continue to see the slow loading as seen in OS2.

The 10 apps are also not ‘live’, they live in ram, and when viewed via the dock or fully opened, then they are refreshed and information displayed is almost instant (there is a slight delay, unsure if this will improve as OS3 develops).

Also interesting to see how battery life develops as I’ve noticed I’m losing ~3 hrs since OS3

(Rika Raybould) #5

Yes, this is correct. I do notice the delay for watchOS 2 apps but those built for watchOS 3 with proper background updating seem to be almost as fast as the keynote suggests in my experience so far.

In general, I’ve found the battery hit to be non-noticeable after the first few days. For me at least, the general increase in responsiveness (getting the task done quicker so I can put the Watch back down!) more than outweighs the battery hit it takes from background updates. I still end the day with very roughly 50% remaining and am still able to wear the Watch 22–23 hours a day.