Apple Watch support

Quickly glance balance and spending summary via the Apple Watch


I imagine the developers have this in mind but I think they probably want to focus on more important features just now.

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Honestly, Apple Watch apps in general are just not good (yet) but glances and complications would indeed be nice (though low priority). More discussion over in this thread.

With both Alpha/Beta focus on Apple iPhone, confirmed development on Apple Pay, it would offer brand cross-device functionality. It’s not for now I understand d that - but great potential for use say when at work approaching lunch and wanting to see what today’s budget is/remaining funds etc. All part of the novelty.

I’ve written a book on writing watchOS apps ( I’d be happy to post a free copy to the Mondo development team for inspiration if they want to get working on such an app :slightly_smiling_face:

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No need for full scaled watch app, but something simple with current balance view and complication and glance would do. I’m an iOS dev too with some experience with watch apps, so let me know if you need any help :stuck_out_tongue:

I think notifications would be a good idea but until the apps are native I think it would be slow and awful like they are now.

I would think it might come with Apple Pay (Which I really want)

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A little Watch Complication showing spent today or remaining balance would be neat. Not a developer but I think Apple have opened up more possibilities for complications in watchOS3 which was announced on Monday

This would have been possible with OS2. Don’t think there would be enough space (depending on your watch face) for a complication which displays an amount.

Edit: there is enough space on 2 of the 3 faces I use

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You can have some quite big complications (dark sky one in middle) , but even a balance could be displayed, maybe without the pence £11.xx, in one of the smaller complications along the bottom.

Less opening up possibilities for this example, more making what was there work MUCH faster, be always up to date and more reliable.


Adopting development from a platform perspective is good idea as all the bells and whistles of others work can be leveraged within our app too… Like heartbeat authentication mentioned in the article above…

Food for thought

Think a better title would be ‘smart watch support’ as to not alienate Android users


I have to disagree. The original request is specifically for an Apple Watch app and all discussion in this thread has centred around the Apple Watch with not a mention of Android Wear.

The two smartwatch platforms are different enough in fundamental design and capability that I’d honestly open a separate thread to discuss Android Wear.

The end goal is that you want it to be supported on your smart watch, what does it achieve to have two different threads - both will just say the same thing but for a different device!

Monzo need to worry about the logistics not us, ‘smart watch’ is all encompassing

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I hear what you’re saying about the differences between the platforms but aren’t we essentially discussing features here - & wouldn’t all of the features that have been mentioned also work with the Android Wear functionality?

It’s not a big deal to create a separate topic for Android wear but since it’s unlikely that Monzo will develop two different sets of features for the different platforms, I don’t see why this thread shouldn’t be a discussion about both platforms.

I’m also keen to stay away from discussion about specific operating systems. I wouldn’t want to see complaints about “why can’t we have this for Android Wear / Apple Watch too” on the dedicated threads. Although that shouldn’t be a problem, I think the benefits of taking the cautious approach here (avoiding threads being closed) outweigh the benefits of creating dedicated threads.

Just my two cents…


Both watch apps would have the same functionality anyway

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For what it’s worth, Monzo already works with Android Wear.

The rich notifications in Android are one and the same with Wear. In fact, most of the time using my Monzo card, I check the notification on my LG G Watch rather than my phone, since it’s easier when out and about to look at my watch rather than pulling out my phone.


It’s also worth noting that the Apple Watch requires a 3rd party app installed on the device to get the same result with rich notifications. Right now, it just mirrors the basic text notifications from an iPhone. I feel like there’s a lot more that could be done there on potentially both platforms as development schedule permits.

As to why I reacted strongly to the thread title change, I honestly didn’t feel that changing the title of a thread that has had nothing but Apple Watch discussion with the only reason being not to “alienate Android users” was good enough. The previous title precisely described the request of the OP and the following discussion. If you want to truly not alienate Android users, it would be far more appropriate to discuss the particular features of Android Wear you would like Monzo to adopt. Development on wearable platforms is very different to phones and you simply can’t feature checklist between the two platforms outside of a few generic core features.

I’ve found in my experience that a lot of time in Android Wear is spent on the stream, rather than in apps. Driven by passive notifications in card stacks and their attached actions. The Apple Watch is based much more around active notifications, complications and the first, “above the fold” screen of the application appearing in the dock (previously glances).

As an example, let’s say that the common feature you wanted to implement on both was the ability to see your progress on your targets while standing in line somewhere. On Android Wear, I would think about creating a targets card in the stream that presents multiple pages for detail. On watchOS, you would have to build that as the app itself, as launched by tapping a balance/spent today complication or by launching it directly from the dock/home screen.


My preference is simply to avoid discussion about specific platforms / OSs in the community, unless it’s necessary. So while I understand where Oliver was coming from here, I understand now why two topics would be better & if we have any complaints in either thread, we have your post to refer back to :thumbsup:

I think we should give Oliver a chance to share his opinion today before changing the title of the topic back to “Apple Watch Support” - @oliverouten if you’re happy with Richard’s explanation, I’d recommend creating a dedicated topic & linking it to this one.