My own thoughts as Full Monzo member

So, been Full Monzo less than month, but member for over a year. I have some suggestions which I like, but may or may not be suitable for wider community.

  • Current Balance option on notifications
  • ipad app (not just iPhone)
  • option to group payments for same day, same vendor together
  • support for Samsung Pay (maybe option or better info on Gear watches)
  • support for other NFC payment options (fitbit?)

Other ideas will be added as comments

Not expecting any or all to be accepted, but if I don’t ask, will never get.



I’ve picked out out some previous posts from the forum to show you where Monzo are or aren’t with what you’ve mentioned. Thought you may find it useful :slight_smile:

I feel this has been brought up before and people thought someone else then may be able nose at what money they had :man_shrugging:t3:
If you’re on iOS there’s a widget to display your balance. Maybe that would help?

Second this, it would be handy although overall I’d not use it that much. Currently if I want to quickly check my balance I use:

They recently made their point of view public on this: Does Monzo support Samsung Pay yet?
Are you able to use google pay on your device?

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

If you have anymore ideas try and pop each one into an existing thread or create a new one where people can discuss that feature.

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You find that quick? I find it takes quite a bit of time compared with other systems, with having to click login, then enter my email address, then go to the email app and click the link (and then that links opens in the crappy internal Safari browser and clicking the button to open it in the main safari browser doesn’t log you in because the token was already used).



Just out of curiosity, what is different about Samsung Pay to Google Pay? I’ve never had a Samsung phone.

I imagine Samsung Pay is heavily promoted on their phones while Google Pay is obscured? Are people with Samsung phones even aware of Google Pay? I mean, the user experience can’t be that different for people to have a preference - it’s a fairly basic process to pay with your phone?

Or is it just because Samsung watches only support it?

Samsung watches only support Samsung pay as they run Tizen rather then android wear.


Of course a watch runs the same OS as a TV :roll_eyes:

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I suppose you could say something similar for Apple :apple:


I really like this. Perfect for visualising those long stints in the pub.

Yeah I really want this. I imagine the improvements to Coin Jar transactions would help with this.

I also would like Pot transactions to be grouped together somehow.

I find it way quicker than faffing with a card reader, especially if I already have my email open which tends to be the case.