Apple Watch - What made you buy?

I’m contemplating buying the new Series 5 Watch and it would be my first. I originally put it off as didn’t see the point as never could see myself not having my phone with me for the standalone capabilities. So people that have Series 3 and above what’s your thoughts and do you regret it?


Got my Series 3 Refurb to replace my dead Series 0. Can’t imagine being without one. Use it for timers, heart rate, workouts (only walking), reminders, alerts etc.

Edit: Apple Pay

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Does Apple Watch track stairs climbed?

Not as such but:

So I get to see things like this:

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I have a series 3, got it alongside my phone upgrade when it was released a couple years ago.

Mainly used it for fitness and measuring workouts and for little things like setting timers or sending a quick text. I don’t think ever made a phone call from it :sweat_smile:

I don’t regret getting it, but I definitely didn’t make full use of its features, and won’t bother upgrading to a more recent model. I’ll either use it till it dies or sell it on sometime soon :woman_shrugging:


I bought my Series 4 primarily because of sport tracking but it’s a nice to have for non-sport things too. I didn’t think I’d get much use out of Apple Pay at first but it’s very convenient. I could live without an Apple Watch but I wouldn’t want to, it’s a part of my life now – and as above, I do not regret it. I don’t think I’ll upgrade to the 5 unless I break this one.

oh! I forgot to mention, it’s become such a part of my life it doesn’t stand out: AutoSleep is a wonderful app for sleep tracking. I can’t recommend it enough, if you get an Apple Watch, get AutoSleep.


I got it for notifications at first. I hated my phone screen lighting up every time something came in, making me look at it and inevitably unlock it and lose half an hour doing nothing. Now my phone doesn’t ever light up, I just check my wrist to see if it’s something important (and I’ve become very good at disabling notifications for most apps too) and only then, unlock my phone if I need to. I reply to most messages just on the wrist.

After buying it, I also became a lot more health concuss. It was unrelated initially, but now seeing how many calories I’ve burned at the end of the day, after my workouts, walks to and from the office etc, it really helps motivate me. I hate having an ill day where I see I haven’t even reached 500 calories over the whole day :scream:

And things like Apple Pay are incredible, it still makes me feel like living in the future. And with the cellular versions now, being able to go out with just a pair of earphones and stream music, check maps and get locations, and make and receive calls, still blows my mind.

  1. I first got it for the notifications. I go to a lot of places with loud music (music festivals, nightclubs and concerts) and it’s much easier to detect an inbound notification than on a phone that’s in your pocket

  2. I also use it as a fitness tracker / heart rate monitor when doing cardio workouts and as a general activity monitor

  3. Apple Pay is so much easier than on my phone. I barely ever use my cards or phone to pay

  4. It’s handy for checking any inbound messaging without having to take my phone out of my pocket

  5. If I forget my phone upstairs, it’s handy to answer calls on, until I get to my phone - after which I can seamlessly continue on my phone

  6. It acts as a remote when you’re listening to music on your phone - great for turning the volume up or down

  7. It’s a great companion to the Maps app, in that it can give you directions without your staring at your phone all the time

My Series 4 is a cellular one. I honestly don’t think the extra £100 was worth it for me. Vodafone would also normally charge £5 per month for the additional connection of the watch’s eSim to your mobile account, though I managed to negotiate to get that part for free - after they messed up and caused me inconvenience when I upgraded my contract.

I’ve got a 1st Gen Watch (Series 0) which was given to me as a gift. I still use it every day.

I said from the start it was a useless product because it’s incapable and slow - but one of my friends was recently showing me their Series 4 and it’s amazing. They’re so fast and they really can do a lot. I’m tempted with getting a new one but I’m not sure about staying iOS.

I doubt it’d happen but I’d love it if they could function independently from iOS.

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What maximum ascent/decent rate does it support?

Yes; recent models track flights of stairs climbed.

Sorry, no idea :confused:

Unfortunately I suspect they’ll have used a basic low pass filter instead of a parametric Kalman Filter making it not much use.

Do you know if it’s at least a proper barometric one?