Apple Watch Series 5

In the last poll we ran, it seemed way more folks here are looking to pick up a new Apple Watch compared to the other products Apple announced.

Reviews are starting to come in, and they are looking very positive so far!

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So annoying that the Nike Apple Watch is much later. Just waiting for my new credit card to order, and now delivery is 10th October :frowning:

I have a series 4 watch, works absolutely fine, but some of the reviews are tempting me to upgrade… :eyes:

Off to Florida next week so may well be picking one up while I am over there, will pay about £450 with Apple care :wink:


Oh I really wouldn’t. Not for this!

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These are the replies I need! :joy:

There’s basically no difference, other than always on display.

I’ve never understood this, mostly because my watch shows me the screen as soon as I look at it.

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I was hoping the 4 would be reduced but they binned it due to a few extra tweaks in 5 and reduce the 3

It’s reduced on Amazon if you fancied the series 4!

Just had a look but the one I want is out of stock and I would be in Florida when delivered :joy:

Wife’s option not even there Rose gold :joy:

Just looking on

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