Apple Watch OS 5.1.2 Update

Morning :wave:t2:

I was just wondering if any Apple Watch users have had any issues after updating to Warch OS 5.1.2?

I updated my watch on Thursday and since then it’s stopped recording my calories and exercise, however, it’s still logging my steps, distance and stand ups?

I’ve tried restarting and resetting the Watch and still not working. Just wondered if my Watch is dying or if it’s an issue others have experienced?

Was going to say mine has been fine but I am on 5.1.3 :man_shrugging:t2:

Have you tried a soft reset?

What model are you using, Mark? I have it running on my Series 3 fine currently.

It’s the Apple Watch Series 3, it was all working ok until I did the update. I have tried a soft reset and also turning it off and on again :thinking:

Looks like I may have to restore it when I get home to see if that works :scream: