Apple Watch - To buy or not to buy?

I’ve never really felt a need to have the Apple Watch - what exactly makes it worth all the money it costs to buy? Recently, I’ve been more and more interested in it though…

How has it changed your life?

All I really know about it, is that it’s a watch… that shows your notifications.

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I had a smart watch that notified me every time I had a notification. At first it was fine, then soon it became incredibly annoying. It resulted in me turning off the notifications, making it a waste of time.

It was a running watch, so I made use of it. The question is, why do you need it?

I recently downgraded from my Apple Watch to a Fitbit at a fraction of the price and, even though its early days, I already feel it was a good decision.

The Apple watch was too overloaded with features. Sure its great to be able to send your heartbeat to your wife or answer calls through the watch, but in reality I must have only did both of those things a handful of times.

I sat down and thought ‘What do I use this watch for?’ and realised that having the weather, my heart rate, step count, standing goals, activity time, date, time, position of the moon and god know what else sounds fun, but in reality I never actually looked or took note of anything but the time and date regularly.

Notifications and exercise tracking are my two main aims (outside of time/date/weather/step count).

I also use it for quick timers (Siri, set timer for 20 mins).

I turned off a LOT of notifications from many apps to get the balance right, so now I only get notifications of messages (iMessage, WhatsApp, Messenger), if my car moves, if the phone rings, or if my blood pressure (heart rate) is too high.

I occasionally use it for controlling media playback if I can’t easily access my phone (it’s in a deep pocket and it’s raining for example).

But what will you use it for? There are many other options. I like the way it looks, and feels, and since I got the first one I’ve upgraded a couple of times. It works for me.


It is honestly the kind of product you either want, or don’t. You can’t really talk someone in to getting one. If you think you’d like to have notifications tap your wrist instead of light up your screen, get it. If you want to be able to easily see upcoming appointments, how healthy your day is and really quickly access info without pulling out your phone you’ll like it. But if you are just curious and don’t think it would affect you, you probably shouldn’t.

I used to be distracted by my phone constantly, but now, I barely pick it up. I can see who’s calling or messaging and decide if I need to actually use my phone to reply, or ignore it. I keep reminders of meetings even if I’ve gone off without my phone. And being able to use Apple Pay quickly even if I’ve forgotten my wallet (which I do ridiculously often) have saved me a few times.


I really like my Apple Watch but miss the functionality of my Fitbit. I just prefer the way Fitbit handles it. I would happily pay a quid or so a month if they would just let me use my Apple Watch with the Fitbit app.

I’m not sure if I use it to it’s full potential. I mainly use it as a Notification mirror and for Apple Pay, having my shopping list via the Bring app on my watch is handy so I don’t have to have my phone in the trolley.

Unless you go out hiking and running without your phone and you use Apple Music, I wouldn’t bother with the Cellular model. Mine is very rarely in a situation where it can’t connect directly to the phone or use Wi-Fi

I got a Apple Watch for my 18th birthday a year ago from my sister. It is now been given to her partner. Shows how much I liked it :rofl:

Basically I can’t deal with the emergency calling button thing and because I wear jumpers I always seem to call it.

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I was in the same boat a while back… but bought a series 4… no regrets :smiley:

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I thought about getting one with my Work’s Health Insurance - can get it at a discounted rate. But decided against it as in all honesty just wouldn’t use it enough - and already have a watch that can tell me the time.

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I’m a complete Apple fanboy and have pretty much owned everything they’ve ever created. However, really disappointed with my Apple Watch 3 - it’s not intuitive, doesn’t do much and just doesn’t float my boat. I’d honestly rather have a swatch.

You don’t NEED one.

But I’ve had every one since launch and I really like it. I barely get my phone out anymore and like the health aspects of it.

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I’ve never accidentally pushed it and I’m always in jumpers or hoodies - you can flip the watch around so the buttons face the other direction (and the screen flips around too of course!).

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I’ve called it 5 times… Moved it and make it looser on wrist. I just think it’s not meant to be.

I’m seriously considering hitting one to tell me be on my phone less. Seems to have worked for you.

Couple of things!

Saving podcasts and music to it so I can ditch my phone and go off for a walk.

Being able to make a call in case of emergency even without my phone with me.

I find it super useful for work stuff, being able to quickly see when next meeting is without checking my phone.

Quickly seeing what kind of notification I have and deciding if I want to deal with it now or later. Not checking my phone a thousand times a day.

Tracking workouts.

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Definitely. Some people think it’s a distraction, you can be in a meeting and feel a tap on your wrist, but at least its not lighting up a screen, you’re just vaguely aware somethings come in. When you get a moment you can quickly look down the notifications list and decide if it warrants picking up your phone. And it’s easy to put it into DND mode which I do any time I need to focus.


I’ve definitely become fitter since buying my Series 4. I like how it gamifies exercise into my daily routine, and taps me to stand up periodically.

I bought my watch through my Life Insurance (Prudential/Vitality) at a 55% discount, with an incentive to keep fit in order not to pay anything further, and the watch helps with that.


i love my series 4 as well. focus on overall move and tracking capabilities with third party apps are ahead of step based trackers IMO.

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Yeah the gaming of my exercise… sorry, ‘sitting on my fat bum all day’ habits has been very useful!