Apple Watch Series 7

There you go again picking on the flawless pacific blue colour! It’s the best colour way Apple have done since Jet black. Which absolutely needs to come back. Jet Black is stunning.


I’m sorry, but PB was horrible. I mean it was probably fine but the weird frosted finish made it horrible. Nothing can change my mind!


Anybody got any size comparisons? I have a 42mm Series 3 but I have small wrists (I think). I guess the 41mm would be about the same, given the increased screen size?

The straps remain compatible so the cases must be the same: small screen models are always the same screen size and big screen models likewise

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Yes, except that looked close to silver rather than black/dark grey.

I actually like the hint of colour, it adds interest and helps the device look professional because it’s often quite unobtrusive and subtle.

Bright colours sometimes (not always) look a bit cheap and amateurish, and I don’t want to be reminded of something like the iPhone 5C, which always looked terrible. I’m not always against colours standing out though, Product RED has often looked great on a range of Apple products.


I’m fairly sure the watches have only ever gotten longer (the mm measurements refer to the length of the chassis). Rarely/never wider, or not by much. But the strap slots have remained consistently sized to ensure band compatibility.

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I think that’s a perception that we as a society need to get rid of. Boys can wear pink and “pros” can have colours too, not just boring grey and black and silver

I hate it – you can’t get a nicely coloured cars these days, or a colourful piece of tech. I absolutely adored my neon green Nokia Lumia 620 and I loved the pink XR


That’s fair.

I should really have said that I like the understated look and feel it’s quite elegant, rather than implying that I think bright colours are “unprofessional” (which I don’t think they are, necessarily, although the societal perception is there as you’ve said).

It’s not that I would think people at work would think less of a person with a bright blue iPhone, or anything like that. It’s more the emotional attachments that people have to colours? If that makes sense?

I saw the featured colour of the time at a BMW showroom was burnt orange a while ago (this was two or three years ago) and that looked vibrant and very cool.

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Bruh! iMac!

I get your point though! Personally, I hate all the options. Because then I have to choose, and I don’t like choosing. In the end I just decided I’ll just buy the black one of whatever I’m buying so I don’t have to think about it. A bit like why I only own 20 of the same t shirt. But then @revels coerced me into getting the blue iPhone 12 Pro, which then had me lusting over the blue 13 pro. Next upgrade I’m back to black though!

I miss the days when mac came in just a single colours: aluminium.

With the pro iPhones, I’m not sure more vivid colours would work. They look almost like jewellery. Elegant and luxurious. I’m not sure bright colours would have the same effect with the same materials and finishes. I think they’d wind up looking cheap and tacky.


I understand the decision fatigue thing but I love my Space Grey MacBook Pro, so I have to disagree with you!

Silver does hide scratches better, though, and there is something nice about the contrast between the case and the keyboard. Plus it’s timeless as you say, so I see why you like it.

I usually go for Space Grey everything, but I liked the look of the Midnight Apple Watch!

I did also get a Product RED iPod Touch 5th generation back in the day, which I still have. I think that looks great with a white front and red back.

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I’ve not reviewed the new flagging rules recently, but if I can’t flag this opinion, they’re pointless. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve just remembered you get three months free Apple Fitness subscription, looks great

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Exactly! That’s why I’m so frustrated with this year’s everything else lineup. They created some beautiful iMacs and then release some awful colours on the iPad Air, Mini, the Watch and the iPhone. They seem to have decided that everything looking silver/grey is the way to go with the occasional hint of colour if the light catches it just right. And while it might be the look for some, I long for the days when tech was more colourful

I guess it’s down to costs at Apple, they don’t necessarily want the hassle of carrying so many colours when people are less likely to buy them


It can’t be down to the costs of having different SKUs, most of their products come in more colour options than ever before!

EE haven’t really made it easier, it should be do-able over-the-air like the phone eSIM transfer should be.

Yeah, you’d think that they could automate it. A page where you input the EID, they check it (there must be a checksum or similar), then transfer the eSIM.

Is there anyone with the Series 7 that can recommend whether I should get the series 7 or the SE?

SE doesn’t have always on display. That is worth it.
But no reason you can’t get a 6 or 5 to get that!

SE owner here, more than happy with it for near a year now. You don’t lose out on many features over series 6 or 7, so has always seemed good value to me.


SE user chiming in - my SE is great, I even managed to test the fall detection on Friday, I slipped down the stairs and it would’ve called 999 if I didn’t respond, excellent feature

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