Apple Watch Series 7

No real reason to upgrade from my Apple Watch SE I got for £180 off a mate, tbh. Apart from maybe the ECG feature

I never really ended up using apps, I just found they didn’t work that well. But that was back in the S1 era. So I just use it as a glorified notification machine and health tracker

So I’d be interested too


I haven’t downloaded anything specifically for the Watch with the exception of Battery Phone. It allows you to see the battery level of your phone on the watch face.

The two main uses (apart from telling the time) of my Watch are controlling audio playback through my AirPods and notifications.

Edit: paying for stuff. I got my Watch just before the pandemic but felt very self conscious about using it to pay in shops, but then masks made it so much easier to use the Watch to pay it’s become second nature for me to pay by Watch.


Downloading battery phone. Really annoys me the phone tells you the watch battery but not vice versa. Now to decide what complication to drop!

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It sort of does, if you go into Find Devices on WatchOS 8 - but with an insane battery - you don’t really need to worry

I had 19% left - the 13PM (Pro Max) is INSANE

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Just received my dispatch email from Apple. DPD are delivering this time.

I find it odd how they re-use consignment numbers - tracking says it was delivered back in February :slight_smile:

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I’ve also received notification that DPD are delivering mine

Delivered back in February too :rofl:

Mines back in Feb too haha.

My watch has arrived and is now fully set up, including transfer of my EE data plan. Previous years have been an absolute pain transferring the data plan but it took all of 10 minutes this time.

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Apple have got a lot better with transfers. The iPhone was a lot easier this year too.

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It’s here and it’s great.


How do you do that buddy ? I am getting the cellular watch too.

It’s the mobile operator who’s responsible for transferring the data plan, not Apple. The eSIM needs downloading to the new watch.

EE have always made a mess of it in the past but this year they appear to have finally got their act together.

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You unpair your existing watch, keeping the data plan, then set up the new watch from the backup made when you unpaired the existing one.

When you come to set up mobile data, it will fail with error code 003. You call EE, tell them this, and they should ask for the EID of the new watch (which is on the box and also in the watch app on your iPhone). They need this to download the eSIM to your new watch.

It should then start working within a couple of hours (10 minutes in my case).


I should have been more clear. I will be setting it up for the first time. I am with EE pay monthly plan. Is the process still similar.


That’s even easier - just go into the watch app on your iPhone (once you’ve set the watch up), select Mobile Data, then add the data plan.

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Looks great!

I ordered one but had trouble with my internet so missed the launch delivery window.

I can’t wait for it to arrive, especially seeing how good the new screen looks.

I’ve got the olive green aluminium one and it’s not what I was expecting. It’s almost a dull dark grey/black colour until the light catches it at the right angle, then it’s the green colour you see on the website.

A bit like a kingfisher, if you’ve seen one in real life. They are a dull brown colour until the light catches them at the correct angle, then they’re iridescent blue, orange, etc.

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That sounds a bit like how the Midnight Green iPhone 11 Pro often looked very like Space Grey from a distance, but up close or if it caught the light you would clearly see the green.

I’ve ordered a Midnight Apple Watch (my first Apple Watch, so I’ve very excited!) which I imagine will be similar as it seems to be a very dark blue; the blue probably won’t be that noticeable unless you look at it carefully. I think that’s quite cool and more interesting than a standard colour, but it’s a while until it arrives so I’ll have to reserve judgement until I see it in person.

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Last year’s blue Pro (whatever it was called) was also like that in my experience. Have to say I’m not a fan. If I buy a colour I’d rather it’s visible from all angles