Fitbit tracker

Hey all,

Looking at buying a Fitbit Inpsire HR.

Does anyone else have one? What are you thoughts and feedback?

I have an AW at the moment, but want to disconnect and try to use less tech and go back to basics more

Possibly a stupid question, but I’m assuming you want to try and achieve the above, whilst tracking your every movement?

I don’t know what you use your Apple Watch for, but the FitBit would pretty much offer me the same technology as an AW, and wouldn’t be less “techy” in my situation.


I just want somethink less Apple Dependant. My AW allows me to answer calls, texts, track my friends location and send my heartrate.

I now just want a watch to tell me the time, track my activity and maybe just nudge me if I have a message or a call so I can decide if I want to get my phone out.

That and I don’t want to wear something so expensive on my wirst when I have a day job which is a bit rough and tumble

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I used to love my FitBit, and still find them good value.

Certainly not “back to basics”, as they still do a lot of what the Apple Watch does (minus the apps), for a fraction of the cost.

I just love the fact that in 2019, “back to basics”, means a wristband that syncs up with a phone and only gives you notifications about calls and texts :joy:

It still does HR as well, and all the reviews I’ve read have been positive.

If I wanted to do what you are wanting, I’d use a FitBit all day long.

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Not that I have one, but I was recently doing some research for my partner…

Have you looked at the Huawei offereings? They seem to be a fraction of the price of FitBit and get good reviews.

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I had considered them but with the fact I have an iPhone at the moment and I’m not sure where I will go next, I figured it was a safer move to go to Fitbit. I also have lots of friends and family already using Fitbits

I’ve had a fitness tracker on my wrist for about 4 or 5 years. Started with the Sony SmartBand, then SmartBand 2 which added HR monitoring, then to Jawbone UP 3, then finally to the Fitbit Charge 2 HR which is what I have now.

I’m genuinely surprised that Fitbit managed to dominate this market because it’s probably the worst software out of all of them. The actual tracker is fine - they’re basically all the same at the end of the day, but the app, IMO, is terrible. Unintuitive, dull, and in places overloaded with too much irrelevant information. App wise, the now defunct Jawbone was far better, but their hardware was pretty terrible.

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Did you get a free one when they had their initial troubles?

If I remember correctly, it charged through a 3.5mm headphone jack?

No, by the time the UP3 came out, the writing was already on the wall to the point where retailers were liquidating stock. Which is not surprising, because the hardware was really, really bad. I ended up buying, no joke, 4 of them in succession. One of them broke after a month. The second lasted about 6 months. The third lasted like 3/4 months. The 4th, I can’t remember what happened. Either it broke again and I just gave up or that was when the support completely ended and the app didn’t work anymore.

I got them all for like £20-£30 each, the RRP was like £150 I think? So i spent less than the RRP of one, from buying 4 of them.

It was a real shame. I actually really liked the design of the hardware, and the app was incredible. But they just weren’t built well. I can only imagine how angry people must have been who bought them at full retail only to have them break quickly.

The UP3 had proprietary charging pins. I think maybe they always did? I think the earlier models synced data through the headphone jack maybe. I could be wrong, the models I had didn’t have a headphone jack.

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Ahhh yes! The little charging lead that looked like a hammer head shark with it’s mouth open! :joy:

It was the syncing that was done via the headphone jack - I remember it now.

I had the very first one as soon as it came out (along with one of the first UK Nike Fuel bands that I bought from their pop up shop at Boxpark, Shoreditch).

They offered me a free 2nd gen so I could test it (along with everyone else), as they messed up so bad (the app was nice though)!

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We had a Fitbit Alta compared it to the Jawbone up and was manually counting steps for accuracy a few years ago and the Fitbit was on average about 10 steps out some how :joy:

So never getting a Fitbit again, wife got a Xoami Band 3, I am getting an AW when I can afford it :joy:

I love my fitbit (Charge 2), it’s great for ‘the basics’ all i really use it for these days is telling the time, and being notified of my whatsapp messages and calls. I was using it to track my running, but the GPS connection via my phone wasn’t reliable so now I do that through Strava directly on my phone, Fitbit acts as a good back up though.

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