Apple Wallet - Duplicate notifications

Sometimes when I use my Monzo card I get the standard notification from Monzo app informing me of the spend but sometimes I also get a notification from the wallet app on iPhone telling my about the same payment.

This does not happen all the time. Last night for example 3 payments were made, two to Tesco and one to Iceland. Wallet sent a notification about one of the Tesco payments but not the other two payments.

I’ve just found out I can disable notification for Monzo within the wallet but I was wondering why I get this duplication sometimes?


If you’ve done it like this you should only get notifications from the Monzo App itself image


Thanks I found that setting as I was posting. I didn’t realise you could disable notifications on a per card basis.

I wonder why it triggers with Monzo sometimes but not others?

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No problem and as for the othe one I’m wondering that myself hopefully it won’t happen now I realised you could do it on a per card basis as I got slightly annoyed by seeing two notifications a few months back.

I tend to prefer to have both notifications for those odd occasions when the Monzo one is delayed for a minute or two.

I’ve only had a triple notification once, I think. But there was some problem with the card reader, if I recall correctly. It detected two cards for some reason, and I had to re-present my phone.

I think it was iOS 12 which introduced the ability to disable/enable it on a card by card basis :slight_smile:

The thing is, at least for me, most of the time I don’t get duplicate notifications so there’s no consistency. I put through two payments in the same shop yesterday and I got a single Monzo notification for one and a duplicate Monzo\Wallet notification for the second. So it doesn’t look like something you could rely on.

Ah probably explains why i’ve not seen that setting before. Thanks.

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You could always do it on at card by card basis, but before 12, you had to disable the transaction history to disable a card’s notifications, which wasn’t ideal. Now you can control history and notifications separately. :credit_card: :boom:

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