Why AirPower didn't appear at the Apple event

Quite a few people were wondering last week why AirPower didn’t make an appearance at the Apple event after being quite hyped up the previous year at the iPhone X launch.

Apparently it overheats and struggles to communicate with devices (therefore not knowing how much power to supply to different devices.

Apple bloggers John Gruber and Sonny Dickson both imply that it’s a doomed project.

Neither Gruber nor Dickson commit to saying whether the device has been delayed or cancelled entirely, but both agree that the situation isn’t great for Apple. “Well and truly f*****d,” is how Gruber puts it, while “doomed to failure” is how Dickson describes the broad feeling at the company.

Oh dear.


Happy and sad for this.

Would have been great… But it would also have been £150 ish and I’d never have bought it!

That’s a shame. I would have bought it as well, my current charging set up is a nightmare.


I did wonder how they were going to manage that.

I couldn’t figure out how one mat would deliver the correct amount of energy to, say, a nearly fully charged watch on the same mat as a nearly fully discharged phone.

If the mat is supplying enough energy to charge the phone, the same amount of energy is going to be available to the watch, so it needs to be dissipated somehow. That means heat.

Come to think of it, I don’t recall wireless charging being mentioned in any context, although that may just be my bad memory.

It’s a shame as I would have bought it.

I’m surprised they announced it without at least a near-perfect working prototype though.