Apple Pay & G-Pay on

Hi. Does anyone know why Apple Pay and G-Pay options on were suspended? And any advice on when it will be coming back? Typing in debit card details is a bore and has stopped me using as often…

(Apologies if there was a feed already open for this. Wasn’t immediately obvious. Pointers welcome :slight_smile:

Yes, I do actually :slight_smile:

Not suspended as such, but rather on hold

Following introduction of SCA, the Payments team needed to introduce a new version of the Stripe processing. Further changes are required to reactivate mobile payments

Unfortunately owing to the more pressing development by the same team of the new Faster Payments gateway that task had to wait


Read more here from one of the very buzzzy members of that team:

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Does anyone know if me processes as a cash advance?

You can’t use a credit card to pay someone on


Thanks for the spot on reply! Fingers crossed they’ll remember to pick up the work to re-enable this feature soon :crossed_fingers:

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Any update on when or if this functionality will be restored to It was one of my favourite features.