ApplePay Cash

So…as is typical with Apple products, Apple announced Apple Pay Cash a few years back and the USA have been enjoying this for some time. UK…nowhere to be seen! Monzo as such an upcoming, responsive and dynamic Bank should definitely work with Apple on this. Integrating peer to peer cash payments via the Monzo Bank network. Increasing customer numbers greatly I would imagine and being at the forefront of tech. I know the Monzo app can already do Monzo to Monzo instant payments but to get that built into the apple API including iMessage etc would be phenomenal!!

Iirc Apple Cash isn’t available in the UK. So there’s nothing for Monzo to integrate with.

At the moment pay with a link is about the best you can do on Monzo.

Afaik Monzo don’t offer Banking as a Service like Starling do - so I imagine if anyone, they would have the infrastructure to implement such a thing

But I don’t think it’s Apple’s priority to bring ApplePay Cash to the UK as quick payment methods are so readily available

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If Apple brought this to the U.K. it would be good to see.

Having a look though this would be the same as monzos ability to easily send money to other monzo customers. (Just with a smaller user footprint)

Monzo also has the links as mentions which is somewhat similar functionality.

The most inclusive method would be paym which most banks support if turned on. Monzo doesn’t offer this as of yet.

Monzo have said it’s on the roadmap We just updated our roadmap! (Last update: 14/8/18) I’m not sure if that’s till the case now or not though?

There’s also a thread where you can vote for it but the thread was made before voting was a thing so it has zero votes.