Apple Pay Cash

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Apple Pay Cash, anyone know when it is coming? :eyes:

Apple Pay cash showing up
Apple Pay Cash launch imminent?
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It’s coming now :wink:

I don’t know when it’s arriving, though.

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I have it on my phone but it won’t let me set it up


I’m guessing you are on the public beta?

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No Dev


Apple Pay Cash is only available in the USA right now with no international release dates announced. I have had the iOS Dev beta of 11.2 (which introduced it) but no Apple Pay Cash. Do you have a USA iTunes account by any chance Danny? That could explain why you have it.

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Is Apple Pay Cash just the same as Monzo - Monzo payments…except it is for iPhone users?

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I am on the very latest Dev with a UK account


Which iOS are you running then Danny boy?

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11.2 Dev 5


11.2 is out now :+1:


Its the cashing in on the pay via text message craze going around right now. You can pay/recieve cash via iMessage and money received is stored as a card in the Apple Pay Wallet.

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Correct. Think monzo to monzo payments with whatever card you have set up in apple pay.


Must be the same as the GM then.


What is your build number (Settings > General > About)? The release build number is 15C114 . My last over the air build number is 15C5110b.

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Mine is now 15C114……


11.2 15C114 is mine.

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Defo had Dev though as profile is still there


Maybe you are just special and had it activated unlike the rest of us poor dev users.